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What's the Better Deal?

Flying Pie’s best deal ever is The Fabulous Five Pack.

  • 10” Specialty pizzas are only $8.25 each
  • 12” Specialty pizzas are only $12.25 each
  • 14” Specialty pizzas are only $16.25 each.

Another great money saver is the second pizza deal. At Flying Pie, any second Medium or Large pizza is half-off. Second pizza deals are offered with any pizza on our menu.

  • You don’t have to get just cheese or a single topping pizza when getting this deal. You want two combos? No problem!
  • A vegetarian and carnivore find themselves madly in love? Get two pizzas, one Vegy and one Pieway.
  • Family reunion filled with the underdeveloped taste buds of children who refuse to eat anything but plain pepperoni? No problem, my troubled adventurous adult, the first pizza can be a Zambini and the second can be suited to please the kids.