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Fabulous 5 Packs

Depending on how you want to use it, a Fabulous 5 Pack is a magnificent meal of five different specialty pizzas or perhaps five different dinners of one specialty pizza. You can even get a Fabulous 5 Pack delivered, if you want all the pizzas at one time. For in-store or to-go, you can enjoy them on separate visits.


What's the Better Deal?

Flying Pie’s best deal ever is The Fabulous Five Pack. Savvy Flying Pie customers are aware of this and are probably carrying a Five Pack card in their wallets right now. And why wouldn’t they be? With this card :

  • 10” Specialty pizzas are only $8.25 each
  • 12” Specialty pizzas are only $12.25 each
  • 14” Specialty pizzas are only $16.25 each.

Another great money saver is the second pizza deal. At Flying Pie, any second Medium or Large pizza is half-off. Second pizza deals are offered with any pizza on our menu.

  • You don’t have to get just cheese or a single topping pizza when getting this deal. You want two combos? No problem!
  • A vegetarian and carnivore find themselves madly in love? Get two pizzas, one Vegy and one Pieway.
  • Family reunion filled with the underdeveloped taste buds of children who refuse to eat anything but plain pepperoni? No problem, my troubled adventurous adult, the first pizza can be a Zambini and the second can be suited to please the kids.