When we want (or need) to change one of the toppings, ingredients, or drinks that we have here, we’ll set up a cut. A “cut” is a fancy term for a taste-test. We compare the various options, side-by-side, and pick the best one. For topping cuts, we’ll taste the topping by itself (the cut for oysters was very entertaining), and we’ll also taste the topping on a pizza so we can taste it with other flavors. Depending on the situation, we’ll often hide the label/brand/distributor and compare the challengers against our tried-and-true current Flying Pie item, and do a “blind” taste test to find the very best option.

All of our Specialty Pizzas have a beer and wine that goes excellently with them, complementing the flavors of the pizza sauce and toppings. These beers and wines are listed in the menu, on the website, and at the bar in the restaurants. When we have a need, we’ll sit down and do a pizza/wine or pizza/beer cut. (The beer and wine cuts are a very, very rough part of the job.) We learned that tasting four different wines at a time is just about the limit – past that, they all just taste good and the subtly of the flavor blends are lost.

One of our most favorite wine and pizza pairing is the Fromage á Trois pizza and the Two Princes Riesling. The Two Princes Riesling has a bright sweetness to it that practically sings when combined with the smoked Gouda that’s on the Fromage a Trois. The other two cheeses, provolone and sharp cheddar, the homemade red sauce, and the special blending of herbs on the pizza all unify with the crisp tartness of the Riesling and it snaps together like two puzzle pieces. Perfection!

Another excellent pairing is the Oxford Landing Chardonnay with the Samoan. The Chardonnay has a light sweetness that’s just enough to compliment the juicy pineapple on the pizza, bring out the full flavors in the Canadian bacon, and hum right along with the smoked Gouda.