The Story of Triple Pi Ale

Gold Medal Winner!!

Triple Pi Ale, brewed exclusively for us at Sockeye Brewery, won the Gold Medal in the Belgian Tripel category at the North American Brewers Association’s 2007 Brew Fest.

In the ’80s and early ’90s, many customers suggested Flying Pie have a “house beer.” It was Ric Holmes who came up with the 4-word overview that gave us a place to start: ‘abbey-style Belgian ale.’ When Kevin Mills began Sockeye Brewing 1997, right away we started carrying his beer. We were one of the first to put it on tap, and one of the first to sell it continuously. Kevin had the rare ability to make a repeatably excellent beer, which was exactly what we were looking for.

About two years later, Kevin, Flying Pie owner Howard Olivier, and the Pie’s head beer guy Jim Bostwick, had a long talk about a possible beer Kevin might make “for Flying Pie”, and how to proceed.

We were targeting double pi (3.14159 x 2) for the alcohol volume, however the Fat Tire Phenomenon stretched the average person’s range of acceptable challenge to about where we were aiming with our beer, so we took it up a notch to triple pi.

In the Spring of ’01, our fearless team completed the specifications and within a few months, Triple Pi Ale was brewed and kegged. Its debut was on the Fourth of July 2001, at the Fairview Flying Pie Pizzaria and was on tap at all Flying Pie locations within a short period of time (and has been ever since.)

Please enjoy a glass of this remarkable beer. We have heard from several people “I don’t usually like beer, but I like this a lot.” That is why we think we might be onto something very special. It shouldn’t be too surprising, really. That is what happens when people work together on something they truly love.

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Triple Pie Ale (AKA: Big Creek Trappist) won a silver medal in the Belgian beer catagory at the 2003 North American Beer Awards