A Flying Pie Time Line: History In The Making

1978 Flying Pie was started by Dave & Connie Parker.
1979 Broadway location opened.
Fairview location was expanded (to 2nd beam).
1980 Joe Levitch “found” and purchased the Flying Pie for $1.00 along with a large debt (which was not accrued by the Parkers). That’s why it says “founder” on our guarantee stone.
1983 We began home-delivery service.
1984 Howard Olivier joined Joe in Boise to help run the Flying Pie.
We began inventing and collecting “Customer of the Week” names.
1985 We became the first pizza restaurant in Boise to legally deliver beer and wine.
Fairview location was expanded (south ½ of game/tv room).
1986 The State Street location opened.
Fairview location was expanded (double doors).
1987 We started teaching a Community Education class on Making Pizza at Home.
1988 We commissioned a computerized delivery program, the first in Boise.
1989 Fairview location was expanded (game room doubled).
1990 We introduced Flying Pie dough mix in supermarkets.
We became 100% Non-Smoking.
1991 We introduced Flying Pie breadsticks as an appetizer (or a meal).
1992 We delivered pizza to Alaska (this was our first time on CNN).
1994 We delivered our 1 millionth pizza to Sami Babcock, who won pizza for life.
Fairview location was expanded, again.
We had our first Birthday Bash (we turned 16).
The Double Habanero Pizza was served for the first time.
1995 We put the exclamation point on the Boise City Library sign! (This was our 2nd time on CNN)
We appeared on QVC to sell our dough mix and accessories nationwide.
We had our first showing of The Wizard of Oz for charity.
We require a release form for the Double Habanero Pizza to be taken To-Go.
1997 Our web site hit the World Wide Web: flyingpie.com.
Howard became the owner of Flying Pie.
1998 We held our first “Free Slice Day”.
1999 We started selling Fabulous Five Packs.
2000 Our web site passed 100 visitors per month.
2001 Our web site passed 1000 visitors per week.
The first batch of Triple Pi Ale was brewed.
The Broadway store was closed.
2002 We did our first RFP (request for proposal) to save us money on the things we purchase.
We started doing It’s Your Day.
We started the Substitute List and began hiring 1 new person a month at each store.
2003 Web site averaged 2000 visitors per week.
We had our Point of Sale system installed.
We celebrate 25 years of Great Pizza, Great Beer, and Great People.
We gave away a 2nd Pizza For Life card to Jared Arave.
We began creating and implementing HWDIH’s (How We Do It Here).
We joined the growing TLAP (Talk Like A Pirate) Day celebrations.
2004 We have several #1 Google hits
(Vegetarian Pizzas, Pizza Prices, Best of Boise, etc.)
The Pizza Price Matrix shows the truth about pizza prices in the Boise Area
Triple Pie Pizza added to menu.
We were inducted into the Boise Weekly Hall of Fame.
The foil ball, Flora, was started and grew to noticeable size (at least Channel 2 News thought so).
Our restrooms became an amazing destination.
Both stores get world maps to track their long-distance guests.
20 years of beer & wine delivery!
12 years of The Double Habanero Pizza (and no one has died!)
The State Street store becomes the 19th hole to the Ann Morrison Disk Golf Course with disc basket included.
Flora, the Giant Foil Ball, is too big for one person to safely lift- at 75 pounds!
2006 ESPN links to our website, referring people to visit us during the MPC bowl game at the BSU stadium in December.
We switch to selling rechargeable gift cards instead of paper gift certificates.
Through a series of tests to find the best and most sustainable products needed to overnight frozen pizzas, we collect the necessary parts and become skilled at overnight delivery.
2007 Flora passes 200 pounds, rolling her way to fame.
United Airlines features Boise, Idaho in their world-wide in-flight magazine, and Flying Pie gets a glowing review.
Our custom brewed Triple Pi Ale wins a gold medal at the 2007 North American Brewers Association Beer Awards.
Our website mercantile is set up to sell Flying Pie merchandise via Paypal.
2008 Flora broke 300 pounds and then she broke her ramp! Channel 2 covered the first event but missed the second.
We start the search for the next “Whirled Leader” of Flying Pie.
The Fairview store was part of an NBC reality series called “Baby Borrowers.”
We celebrate 30 years of great people, great pizza, and great beer with a two day party, including a reunion picnic in the park and an open party to include our customers.
2009 We took 62 people to Costa Rica for an amazing adventure! Our story was in over 200 national (and even international!) newspaper and radio stories.
The Travel Channel’s Man v Food visits and features our Triple Habanero Pizza.
2010 USA TODAY names us Best Pizza in Idaho.
Facebook and Twitter experiments help grow our fan base.
Boise episode of Man v Food (Season 2, episode 11) reran about 20 times, and is available to watch instantly on NetFlix.
We had a giant Habanero Season and sold a record 1300 habanero pies.
2011 Florian Penalva becomes the new owner.
We have an even bigger Habanero Season, selling a record 2008 hababero pies.
We take our second group trip – this time to Las Vegas.

Since 1984 we have won over 30 “best pizza” awards in various papers and magazines and we have doubled the volume of Flying Pie twice.