Each week we get about 350 comment cards from the two stores. Wait, let’s back it up first.

At the end of every shift, the Crew Leader looks at all the comment cards that came in during their shift and adds any extra notes or information that they have. At the end of the week, the Store Leader looks at all the comment cards that came into the store during that week and adds info or tracks down missing pieces to the story, and then turns in the whole pile.

Every week the Marketing Director looks at all the cards that came in from both stores (we get about 350+ between the two stores). We tally up the number of total cards, the number of cards requesting a reply and we also calculate the average referral score of the cards (after taking out all the “infinity” “1,000,000,000” and “11” scores.) We call the referral score the “average satisfaction score.” We figure customers who put a 9 or a 10 in the referral box are quite satisfied! Our average satisfaction score for one week ranges from 9.6 to 9.9. After we’re done playing with the numbers, the comment cards that want a reply go in one direction and all the remaining cards go into a stack to be considered for our monthly comment card displays in the stores.

Referral score/Customer satisfaction

We write about 30-40 replies every week, both hand-written and emails. We love being able to directly connect with customers and answer their burning questions about Flying Pie. It’s fun when we hear that our letters are displayed proudly in bedrooms or on the fridge. Sometimes they even make it into a frame! It’s quite flattering. And sometimes we even get a letter back! We have great customers.

Letters from our awesome customers

As for the rest of the cards, we use about 80 per store in our comment card displays. We try to put up as many as we can, so sometimes we cut them in half (especially if the card had an amazing drawing and no words). When the in-store comment card displays are dismantled, those go into another pile that becomes the selection we choose from for the bi-annual menu’zine. The number of faces/drawings that get in the menu is usually around 60. (So out of roughly 8400 comment cards, 60 of them get into the menu!)

We also scan 14 drawings to use on our website (they’re in the “What’s New” drop down menu) and we update this collection regularly.

While Lexy was in the dining room sorting comment cards for the next menu…
Customer: So, what are you doing there?
Lexy: Sorting comment cards to pick for our next menu! One of the many things in the life of a comment card.
Customer: Oh yeah? It’s really cool to see that artwork in your menu. What else do you guys do with ‘em?
Lexy: Monthly wall displays, type comments, scan to website, reply to those with addresses… and that’s just what I do with them! They really do live quite a long life, going many different directions and through many different hands. The menu sort is one of the last things these cards will do.
Customer: Well thanks for all you do.
Lexy: You’re welcome! Thank you!
Another man, eavesdropping, tried to hand Lexy the card he had just finished. “Take mine?”
Lexy: That box right up there would be happy to accept it. That’s where the comment card journey begins!
He smiled, and immediately put his card in the comment card catcher.