Boise Pizza Prices

Have you ever been curious about how the prices at Flying Pie compare with other pizza restaurants? Regular customers know our value and are confident in their pizza purchases. Our favorite way to answer a ‘not-yet regular customer’s who says that we are expensive is to ask them: “Well, would you change your mind if we could show you that you’re not exactly right?”

During the planning stages of our most recent menu, we investigated the prices at several other pizza restaurants. We found that we are quite competitive on price; while other places will sometimes give you a time-limited coupon, we always have excellent deals on our pizza.

In February of 2012 we updated our Pizza Price Matrices for single and multiple pizzas. While most places held their prices,  Smokey Mountain raised their topping prices and specialty prices. But that’s it—the other prices stayed the same.

The intriguing results of these inquiries show that Flying Pie consistently has lower prices than the competitors. An apologetic coupon hardly holds a candle to getting a phenomenal deal every day.

Setting aside the difference in quality, let’s look at the price difference between us and other pizza places. With this handy chart it’s easy to compare prices of specific pizzas at different restaurants.

Let’s start with a couple medium pizzas… two medium Specialty Pizzas can cost you between $5 and $14 more than at Flying Pie, depending on where you buy them.

(NOTE: we are working on updating this chart and will post it when ready)

An all-meat pizza is a fairly popular pizza so let’s go there next. A 12” all-meat pizza at another pizza place can cost over $4.00 more than our No Vegy Pieway. And again, this isn’t even addressing the quality of the food you’re trading your money for.

(NOTE: we are working on updating this chart and will post it when ready)

“Well, yeah,” you might be thinking, “ but Flying Pie doesn’t have coupons.”

You’re right! We are confident enough in our products and customers that our excellent deals can be offered every day. The prices on our pizzas are set up to consistently give you a great deal instead of occasionally offering coupons for discounts on premium pizza prices.

One of the several benefits that come guaranteed along with the low price at Flying Pie is the consistently fresh and real toppings. Unlike other pizza places that use processed meats like “pork topping,” “beef topping,” or “Canadian-style bacon,” Flying Pie uses real meats, real Canadian bacon*, fresh vegetables, and signature ingredients. Simply the quality of the ingredients at Flying Pie far outweighs the negligible savings from some random coupon.

In February 2012, the pizza places we compared were: Pizza Hut, Smoky Mountain Pizza Company, Chicago Connection, Domino’s, and Idaho Pizza Company.

We hope you find this matrix as valuable and interesting as we did!

Corrections are welcome! Please let us know if you find inconsistencies in this matrix. If you know of a price that has been updated is incorrect, let us know! Our goal is to keep this as accurate as possible.