It’s true! We can ship frozen Flying Pie pizzas overnight! We cook the pizzas half way and then freeze them. When they arrive on the other end,  you thaw them out and pop them in the oven. We recently sent two 12” No Vegy Pieways (with double garlic!) to South Dakota for Mother’s Day. Cool mom, huh?

Pizza jacket and pizzas, ready to box up

At the Post Office

Upon arrival

They cooked up beautifully!


We can send overnight pizzas anywhere USPS offers overnight service. Another option is FedEx, but it’s easily twice as expensive as the post office. And we’ve had wonderful service and success with the post office, so that seems to be the way to go!

In 2008 we changed the way we ship pizzas. We used to use dry ice and a Styrofoam-lined box, but after countless hours of very careful research, we upgraded to frozen gel packs and an insulated pizza jacket. Before this change, we averaged about two shipments per year. Since we improved and systematized our shipping method, we’ve done 28 overnight pizza shipments, and we only lost one! (It was during the holidays and the airplanes were iced over – it was a disaster. The pizzas finally made their way back to us…a week later! Ugh! The whole thing, damp cardboard box, thawed half-cooked pizzas and all, went straight out to the dumpster.)

Fun Facts:
The most expensive box we’ve shipped, so far: $196.87 through FedEx for two larges to Honolulu, HI. (This doesn’t include the pizzas or shipping materials).

The most expensive shipping through USPS:
$107.90 for two larges and two mediums to University City, MO.

Our most famous recipient: The crew editing the the Man v Food footage for the Boise episode… they got hungry and called in an order! Four larges: Zambini, Chile N Lime, Vegy and Zerto.

Heaviest box: 24 pounds 11 ounces. (This was a box of four larges)

Farthest distance: Honolulu (3305 miles) followed by Philadelphia (2440 miles). We have had customers take frozen pizzas home with them (including at least one batch to Alaska), but as far as the pizzas we’ve shipped overnight, the farthest is to Hawaii. Years ago we helped someone package up pizzas to transport to New Zealand, but they arranged for the transportation. (There are strict rules about international shipments of perishable food, so we just leave that one alone. We only ship within the United States.)

Longest Drive:
To Walla Walla, WA. When Lesley got the Post Office to ship the box of pizzas, it turns out there is no overnight service from Boise to Walla Walla! Since we’d already promised these pizzas to our customer, Lesley hopped in her car in drove the 9 hours, roundtrip, to deliver the pizzas. (And now Step One when taking an order for an overnight pizza shipment is to make sure they are in an Overnight Shipment area!)

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