Where We Get It: From Near and Far!

Some of our products and pizza toppings come from very far away, and some from just a few miles away. What they all have in common is that the excellent quality is non-negotiable. We researched and tested various sundried tomatoes for three years before finding the best ones for our pizzas.

We are very proud of our Zerto Pecorino Romano cheese from Italy (that’s how our Zerto Magnifico pizza got its name!). After we got a 50 pound wheel of Romano cheese, we discovered that to grate it properly, we needed a $1600 Italian cheese grater! Well, once we tasted this cheese, it was an easy decision to order the machine to be shipped to us.

We regularly order kegs of Chimay, a Belgian beer brewed by monks at the Trappist Scourmont Abbey in the tiny hamlet of Chimay, Belgium. While doing research on this amazing beer in order to have a full story to share with our customers, we enjoyed the overseas calls and emails to figure out the exact distance a beloved keg of Chimay travels to get to Boise, Idaho (9050 sea miles!)

Our real Canadian Bacon, smoked link sausage, Italian sausage, peppered beef and custom Linguica from Meridian Meats are all significant contributors to our unparalleled pizza offerings.

We hope you’ll enjoy the following information. If there’s a particular unlisted item you’re interested in, please let us know! Your feedback will definitely help shape what we add to the list.