We have amazing customers!

Throughout our 33 years, we’ve attracted wonderful customers who continuously do amazing things, for us and for each other! There’s something unique about our customers – we tried to capture it in a reader board:

Here are some of the amazing things our customers have done over the years:


1.   A customer ordered a 20” Combo as a thank you for a very nice lady whom he’d met while attending her garage sale. That pizza weighs 8.4 pounds – that’s one heck of a “Thank You!”

2.   While on a double (one delivery driver taking two different orders on the same trip), the driver’s car broke down on his first stop! That customer was so upset that the next customer might not get their Flying Pie pizzas that he flat out insisted that the delivery driver borrow his car so he could deliver the second batch of pizzas.

3.   We received this funny package in the mail, with a short note explaining a member of their party had accidentally taken home the playing card.

4.   Duane sewed the pizza-with-wings quilt that is proudly displayed at the Fairview store. He brought in the pizza quilt and then a little while later came rushing back, asking if he could take back the quilt – he’d forgotten to sew wings on it! The delightful quilt got its wings and came back to us completed.

5.   While out on delivery, the delivery driver’s car got repossessed (pretty low, huh?). The compassionate customer let the delivery driver wait in their house and use their phone since his cellphone was in the repo’d car. They even offered him a beer (one of the 6-pack he’d just delivered) and let him watch Spongebob Squarepants with the kids while he waited for someone to come pick him up.

6.   While waiting in line, a customer heard the couple behind her talking about it being their first visit to the Pie. When she got to the front of the line and ordered her pizzas, she asked the sales person to use the last two pizzas on her Five Pack card to get the new customers their first Flying Pie pizzas.

7.   Last year, on the last day of Habanero season, we sold out of habanero pizzas about mid-way through the dinner rush. Many folks who waited until the last day to come in for a habanero pizza missed out entirely! A friendly customer met some folks who’d missed out on hab season, and very graciously gave them each a slice of his own habanero pizza so they could have a chance to try it.

8.   While on delivery, the driver’s lower radiator hose blew and spewed antifreeze everywhere! The customer gave the pizzas to his kids, and then took the delivery driver to the auto parts store so he could get new supplies to fix his car. The customer even helped him fix the car! His response, when the driver tried to make him go eat his pizza, “Nah, that’s what microwaves are for.”

Seriously, who does this? We have amazing customers.