Do you take dining room reservations?
Yes, for all but 12 hours of the week: 5:00-9:00 PM on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Can you cater for a large event?
Yes! We love catering for large events. We’ve done wedding rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, business lunches, business conferences, birthdays, retirement parties, graduation parties… Some are 15 pizzas, some are 250 pizzas and we do an excellent job with them all. Our big order specialists are ready to make your next catered event a smashing success!

How much food should I order for my group?
Check out this handy chart. It’s got all the information you need! If you have further questions, call and we’ll help you out. We have Big Order Specialists who are ready to help plan your next event.

Can I place an order now, to reserve a specific day and time for a later event?
Yes! We call it a ‘deferred order.’ You can place a deferred order for an event that’s a few days, weeks, or months ahead. When it’s for a busy time of day (like Friday lunch) this is the best way to get the time you want, on the day you want. We are very skillful at deferred orders and we guarantee your event will be a complete success.

Why don’t you accept orders via your website?
When working with you to get the order, there are a lot of questions we’ll ask you to make sure that each part of the order is exactly how you want it. Besides, we’re fun people, you’re fun people and we want to talk with you!

What are my salad options?
We have salads ranging from $2.75 to $25. Here’s the full range of amazing salad options.

Can you ship pizzas overnight?
Yes! We freeze pizzas and ship them overnight pretty regularly! The shipping cost is usually around $80, depending on the weight and destination. Call us for more details.

Why Flying Pie doesn’t offer ½ and ½ Specialty Pizzas:
In short, our specialty pizzas have different sauces, different cook times, and other aspects that are only amazing in a complete pizza.

We did try making ½ and ½ specialty pizzas for several years, until we understood that the excellence we care so much about is inevitably harmed. We can’t guarantee that both halves will be amazing and we don’t sell anything we can’t guarantee.

What you can do is get a great deal on two pizzas! Two small pizzas is the same amount of food as a large and in most cases at Flying Pie it doesn’t cost any more – we purposefully set it up that way.

Also, with the second medium pizza being half price, many folks get two mediums and have some slices to enjoy later.

These deals were set up to protect the quality of our amazing specialty pizzas. Not selling mediocre food is a big part of what’s kept us in business for over 30 years and why we repeatedly win Best Pizza in Boise.

Why do we charge for topping substitutions on specialty pizzas?
The margin of error in production (where we make the pizzas) is drastically reduced by having our 18 specialty pizzas with their set toppings. Changing the toppings on a specialty pizza makes it no longer a specialty pizza, thus requiring more time and attention in our kitchen.

Charging for substitutions is yet another way we are making sure that the pizza you order is the pizza you get. Who else guarantees a repeatably excellent “PHOSMO” or Pesto Primavera, minus mushrooms plus chicken?

Why do you call your Linguica a Basque sausage? Isn’t it Portuguese?
To state it exactly, our linguica is custom sausage blend of fresh Portuguese chorizo, but technically since there is no such thing as fresh chorizo or fresh Linguica, it’s tough to say it’s like anything you’ve ever had.

Meridian Meat’s owner Rene Schoop has made this sausage just for Flying Pie for over 30 years now. He says that although the spices are very similar, Linguica is a finer grind of sausage than chorizo and usually has some vinegar in it. Those two traits are what tip the scale toward calling it Linguica.

Traditional Linguica and chorizo are both cured meats. The curing process adds some preservatives and agents to hold the color before the meat is placed in the traditional casing and slow cooked. Our Linguica is made without the preservatives. It’s fresh, not cured, and is left out of the casing for us to cook on top of your pizza. With that huge load off your shoulders, we find ourselves basquing [sic] in the glory of distinguishing our Linguica from chorizo.

How can I get a wheat-free pizza crust at Flying Pie?
We haven’t found a wheat-free crust that’s amazing, yet. So, in the meantime, you can bring in a crust in a factory sealed package that works for your diet and we’ll make a pizza on it!

The overarching principal that blocks us from quickly adopting a wheat-free dough is that our customers completely trust that if we sell something, it will be amazing. We fiercely protect that trust. It’s something that we have worked on for many thousands of hours over the past 31 years.

If you have any leads on a great wheat-free crust, we’d love to follow them up.

Do you have a banquet room?
Yes. The Fairview store has a banquet room with a privacy curtain, its own TV/DVD player and seats about 35 folks. It can be reserved for all but 12 hours of the week (5-9 PM Tuesday, Friday and Saturday).