Man v. Food Visits Flying Pie For August Habanero Season

In March of 2009, the Travel Channel producers called us, wanting some information about Flying Pie for a possible episode of their wildly popular Man v. Food show. Lesley shared some of the amazing things we do and suggested that if they were going to travel to Boise, it would be most delightful if they could wait until August, so they could include our Double and Triple Habanero Pizzas in their filming. They thanked us for the tip and said they’d be in touch.

Four months later, toward the end of July, they called us back and said they had scheduled their travels to come through Boise in August! The next few weeks had many phone calls and emails between Boise and New York to set up the details of their visit. Once it was set up, we invited our Facebook fans to come be a part of history and watch Adam Richman, the host of Man v. Food, eat the Triple Habanero.

On Friday, August 14th, 2009 the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food show spent seven hours filming at Flying Pie! We had a line at the door before we opened, and then a line out the door and down the sidewalk for about 3 hours. The rooms were packed from wall to wall with customers and onlookers trying to get a glimpse of the filming and the infamous Man v. Food host.

When Adam walked in the restaurant, he honked the horn and everyone went nuts! The hollers from the crowd were deafening! The yelling and hooting were a perfect outlet for the pent-up energy in the crowd. Adam got such a kick out of the reaction, he turned around, went outside, and came in for another horn-honk entrance, which was even louder than the first.

Many customers got to meet Adam and a few even got to experience a Habanero burn with the film crew capturing every moment. At the end of the day, after he’d sampled our Gyro, Zerto Magnifico, Garlic Chicken, Chile N Lime, Death: By Garlic Zappi, Adam sat down to experience the Triple Habanero with Howard, the mastermind behind the deliciously hot Habanero pizzas. As Adam said, “It’s like licking a sea urchin!” (But, a really tasty, cheesy sea urchin with olives, garlic and chicken, right?)

A month later, the Man v. Food production team in New York was editing the Boise footage. They got hungry for Flying Pie pizza and called us, requesting an overnight shipment of four large pizzas! We sent them a Zerto Magnifico, a Samoan, a Vegetarian, and a Triple Pie. Of course they wanted a Habanero too, but Habanero Season was already over.

Flying Pie has had the opportunity to be a part of some marvelous things in our 31 years; this is easily among the top of the list. When the show aired in October, we watched it with a full restaurant and everyone cheered so loud we couldn’t hear the dialogue. Flying Pie-ers who were featured on the show felt like movie stars!

If you missed the episode, the Travel Channel airs re-runs of the Man v. Food a lot, so chances are good you can catch it soon. It’s also available online on a few different websites.

We’re already planning ahead to next August, for our 17th Habanero season…we’re guessing it’s going to be biiiiig! For those who live out of the area and can’t make it to Boise, remember that we ship pizzas overnight and that includes the Habaneros; last August we sent four Triple Habs to Delaware!

This was about 11:30 am, the dining room was starting to fill up and the film crew started getting film releases signed by the customers. That’s Chuck, the sound guy, in the black shirt. He and Amy, the make-up artist, are from Boise!

This photo was taken through the front window, as Adam is preparing to do the “Intro Read” (when he walks up to the restaurant and goes inside). When he walked in the restaurant, he honked the horn and everyone went nuts! The hollers from the crowd were deafening! The yelling and hooting was a perfect outlet for the pent-up energy in the crowd. Adam got a kick out of the reaction so he turned around, went outside, and came in for another horn honk entrance, which was even louder than the first.

Mario was the Flying Pie Chef. Here Mario and Adam are checking out our menu’zine.

Amy is touching up Adam’s makeup before they start filming interviews with customers. It was the first time we’ve hosted a camera crew that brought a make-up artist!

No matter the restaurant or business, there’s nothing better than a line out the door!

Cassi did a phenomenal job handling that line out the door, for about two solid hours!

Mario’s making the Gyro for Adam to try.

Phone call #455:
Anthony: “Yes, Man V Food really is filming at Flying Pie today…… Yes, Adam will be eating the Triple Habanero Pizza…..Yes, you’re welcome to come in to watch the show….”

Mario’s biggest fan!
Toward the end of the day, after the filming of Mario and Adam in the kitchen, this little girl said, “Hi, Mario!”
Mario turned around, expecting to see someone he knew, and said, “Hi!” He was a little confused…
Then the girl turned to someone next to her and said, “I know his name now!”

Matt overheard two customers talking while he was bussing a table in the dining room.
Customer # 1: Apparently you can’t take the Habanero pizza out of the building without signing a release.
Customer # 2: I don’t blame them. Have you tried it? It is a six-hour ride on hot lava.

Nikki, holding a Habanero Pizza: Ok guys. Are you ready for your really hot pie?
Dudes: Yeah! Bring it on!
A little while later Nikki checked on them.
Nikki: How is it? Hot enough?
Dudes: Inaudible squeaks and inward breathing.
Nikki: Do you guys want some ice cream?
All three nod and say in a hoarse whisper: OK

Rose: I saw you on the Travel Channel last night!
Mark: On Man v. Food?
Rose: Yes.
Mark: What did you think?
Rose: It looked like you guys had a lot of fun.
Mark: Oh, it was a lot of fun!
Rose: We had to come and check it out.
Mark: Welcome to Flying Pie!

Asa: Alright, if you’d like to take the rest of that Habanero pizza home, I’ll need you to sign a waiver.
Customer: Really?! That’s cool. Can I have a blank one to take to work as a trophy?
Asa: Of course. I’ll be right back with a box for your leftovers and those waivers.

Customer: We saw you guys on Man v. Food the other night.
Aaron: Oh yeah? What did ya think?
Customer: Well, we were pretty impressed. We decided we’d have to come and see what you’re all about.
Aaron: And where do you hail from?
Customer: Provo, Utah.
Aaron: Wow, that’s showin’ some commitment!
(30 minutes after eating)…
Aaron: Was it worth the drive?
Customer: Well worth it!

A guy called and asked “Can we get a large Habanero?”
Kayce: The Habanero is only available in August, but our second hottest pizza is available year round, it’s called the Triple Pie and has three peppers, three cheeses and three meats.
Guy: Yes, we’ll have that!

And, for those who feel the need to increase the heat, our crushed red pepper containers on the tables purposefully have wide slotted lids for maximum pepper dispersal.