“It’s Your Day” Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My child is too young to drive! What form of identification can I bring with my child for him to participate in It’s Your Day at Flying Pie?

A. To prove that your charming child does indeed have the name-of-the-day, the Gold Standard is something with their name and picture on it, like a school lunch card or a Looney Tunes passport. A good second bet is their Library! card, their birth certificate or even some artwork that they signed.

Basically, if you make an effort to prove to us that you had the foresight ___ years in advance to pick today’s name for your child, and you follow the other three IYD rules, identification won’t be an obstacle.

Q. How we choose the names for It’s Your Day.

A. Besides whimsical choices or names requested via comment cards, each It’s Your Day participant gets to nominate a name. Also, a Flying Pie fan created a website called FlyingPieNotifier.com, on which you can request a name and be automatically notified by email when it’s scheduled!