“It’s Your Wednesday”

In 2001 we invented a game called “It’s Your Day” where we invite folks to experience making their own pizza in our kitchen with our expert guides. Recently we tried a new angle: The IYD invitation for Wednesdays is to people who share a hobby, experience, or skill. 

The idea is to bring together a group of people who have something in common and perhaps have never met. “Been to Italy?” was a huge hit: enthusiastic participants shared delightful stories and photos with us and each other about their
trips abroad.


What kind of ID do I need for It’s Your Wednesday?
The specifics of the identification are up to you – all you have to do is convince the Crew Leader of its merit. Here are some examples:

• For Been to Germany day, one couple brought in pieces of the Berlin Wall they collected on their trip. Others brought in stamped passports.

• On musical instrument days bring in your instrument and play a song or two for us.

• For Magician day we had folks show us magic tricks.

• On Channel 7 News Team day, they came in with their ID badges and logo shirts and hats.

• The tap dancers danced, the yodelers yodeled, and the Over 6’6” Tall folks measured up.

*All the parts of the regular It’s Your Day invitation apply to Wednesdays. Click here to see those rules.

Who do you think would be fun to watch make a pizza on It’s Your WednesDay? Send suggestions to:  comments@flyingpie.com

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