Every day (yes, even Saturday and Sunday!) we have thin-crust lunch slices for lunch between 11:30 and 3:30. We have Pepperoni, Samoan, Vegetarian and Fromage A Trois. Sometimes there’s a special guest slice like the Zerto, Mesquite Chicken, or Sam I Am.

Our slice pies are par-baked (partially cooked) and when you order one, we toss it in the oven and cook it hot to perfection. There are a variety of toppings that you can add to our lunch slices to get some extra pizzazz! The only exception is ground meats, because they don’t have enough time to fully cook in the oven (the par-baked slices only take 2-4 minutes to cook). You can get a normal slice, or a fancy slice, all dressed up to your liking. Extra slice toppings are 60 cents each.

Some popular lunch slice add-ons:

Jalapeños: We have two kinds of jalapeños (fresh or canned/pickled), and both make excellent slice additions! The fresh jals are excellent with the Vegy Slice, and the canned jals add an extra layer of flavor to the Fromage slice (or vice versa)!

Garlic: Roasted or fresh? We roast our own whole cloves of garlic in the pizza oven. They make great additions to slice pies. Roasted Garlic on a Pepperoni is a popular combo, as is Roasted Garlic on a Vegetarian.

Tomatoes: We have lots of different kinds of tomatoes here – sundried, fire roasted, sliced, and diced. You can get the sliced tomatoes cooked or fresh. Howard learned of a tasty combo from Michael Deeds: Fresh Tomatoes on the side of a Vegetarian slice. When he asked Howard what slice he had one day in the last few years, Howard told him and he said, “Hey, you got that idea from me!” Indeed he had, many years before. It remained one of Howard’s favorites all these years.

Green Olives: An extra salty tang with a pepperoni slice will perk up your day!

Pineapple: The sweet juicy pineapple goes great with the Gouda on the Fromage, on a pepperoni slice, and combined with Jalapeños too!

Ham & Pepperoni are both wonderful add-ons for lunch slices.



A slice of Fromage A Trois with fresh jalapenos and fresh tomatoes

A slice of Pepperoni with Roasted Garlic

A Slice of Vegetarian with Green Olives and Sundried Tomatoes






P.S. The lunch slices range from $2.25 to $3.25 and from 3:00-3:30 the remaining slices are just $1 each. The $1 slices are a sweet after-school snack or dinner for later!