Home Cooked Pizzas in waiting for a weekly standing order

Instructions for cooking a Home Cooked Pizza at home are located here >>

Home Cooked Pizzas Vs. Take and Bake

If you are going to eat a Flying Pie Pizza more than 15 minutes away from our restaurants, by far the best way to enjoy it is to have it Home Cooked.

What is a Home Cooked pizza?

Take and BakeHome Cooked

Typically use pre-cooked sausage “topping”Uses fresh ground sausage

Dough includes stiffening agentsDough has no mysterious additives

Crossed fingers and hopeTee’d up for success

Many key ingredients prepackagedAll key ingredients made here

Focus is on low price and high weightFocus is on value in making YOU a star!

It means we ”tee it up” for you, and guarantee the results! It is the ”T Ball” of home cooked pizza excellence.

The easy and fast way to have a highest quality pizza come out of your oven.

It is a method Flying Pie developed of partially cooking a pizza to allow it to travel medium long distances without a major degradation in quality.

Home Cooked pizzas can be delivered, frozen, even shipped overnight!

In response to the requests of people who were happy to pay $100 to have two large Flying Pie pizzas shipped to them overnight, we developed this solution. The intriguing puzzle led us to ever more sophisticated enhancements/modifications.

Once, when we were picking up a bunch of shipping boxes and dry ice, the owner of the dry ice factory suggested that we set up an account there. “Is it worth doing at this point?” we asked, to which he replied, “You wouldn’t be my smallest account.” So that is how we became the first Boise pizza place with an account at the dry ice store.

Plus, for those of you who regularly drive from Boise to McCall or wherever, you can own a re-useable box and just pay for the pizzas and dry ice ($5.00) and really be stylin’.

take and bake pizza boise

Dear Flying Pie, My friend Steve (from Boise) brought a Flying Pie (ready to cook!!) to his place in Stanley, Idaho, where we baked (to perfection based on your excellent instructions!!) and enjoyed! Had to share this with you. We definitely look forward to future visits to Flying Pie! Gary Huntington Beach, CA