Congratulations! You are the proud new owner of a Home Cooked Pizza from Flying Pie. These instructions are based on a single, room temperature pizza placed on a middle rack in a fully preheated oven. Find your pizza below and proceed with the appropriate cooking instructions.

  1. If the pizza is cold or frozen, to make it amazing, you must let it come back to room temperature before baking.
  2. Preheat your oven.
  3. Put the pizza in the oven on the foil we provided. Partway through the cooking time, you’ll gently jiggle the foil out from under the pizza. You may place the foil on the rack below to catch any spills. YouTube video of pulling the foil out.
  4. Get a pan ready to slide the pizza onto when it’s done cooking. YouTube video of sliding the pizza onto a pan.

Don’t Forget to preheat!


Combo, Vegetarian, No Vegy Pieway, Garlic Chicken, Mesquite Chicken, Chili-n-Lime Chicken, Triple Pie, Denver PieALL 4-5 TOPPING PIZZAS425°7 min8-11 min

Phosgo, Low Fat Vegy, Zambini**, Stromboli**, Samoan, Pesto Primavera, Shirley Temple, Zerto Magnifico, Acapulco Verde, Double or Triple Habanero.ALL 2-3 TOPPING PIZZAS450°6 min5-8 min

Sam I Am, Fromage A Trois, Cheese.ALL 1 TOPPING PIZZAS475°5 min5-6 min

Your Pizza is Done when the crust is brown and the cheese is bubbling. Enjoy!

Note: **Sourdough doesn’t brown as much as original dough!