Secret template to copy Flying Pie’s virtually patented heart shaped pizzas

Making our heart shaped pizza is not unlike making our regular pizzas.  Check out our “Make It Yourself” booklet for basic pizza making instructions.  Roll and toss the dough just like normal.  When it is the correct size (a medium pie in this case) lay it out and cut it according to the pictures, taking a triangle from the top and adding it to the bottom.  Pinch the seam together gently and snugly, taking your time-this is about ‘forever’ right?

Use one size larger pan, to allow for the heart point.  Otherwise, cook as normal.
Basic Diagram for Beginners


Slightly more complicated, advanced heart cutting

heart shaped pizza

Photo by Roma and Peter

heart shaped pizza

Photo by Roma and Peter

Making Heart-Shaped Breadsticks

What could be more romantic than a dinner of heart-shaped pizza? A dinner of heart-shaped pizza that begins with heart-shaped breadsticks, of course!

To make heart-shaped sticks, first start with a medium dough ball (one pound). Divide the ball in half (photos 1 & 2) and with your hands flatten one half into a tear drop shape.

Lightly flour your rolling pin, dough, and work surface and roll the dough into a larger tear drop shape about a half inch or so thick (photo 3).

Using a knife or roller pizza cutter cut a triangle out of the top. Then take the almost heart shaped breadsticks and round out the top a bit and adjust the shape to a lovely roundish heart shape. Brush off excess flour while doing this. Then using your pizza cutter or knife make vertical cuts through the dough either side of the middle, leaving some dough uncut at the top of the heart.

Then make two more cuts, one for the left ventricle, one for the rightv (photos 4 & 5).

Carefully slide your uncooked sticks onto a screen or pan and cook just like regular breadsticks.

Serve to a loved one and watch them rip your heart apart and devour it.