April 30, 2010

Rene Schoop, at Meridian Meats has been providing key toppings for our pizzas longer than any other vendor.  Back in 1978, when Meridian Meats started selling 3 versions of ground meats to a tiny but well-loved pizza place, no one knew the path would be so delightful for us to travel together for this long. 

Howard asked Joe Levitch if he knew when Flying Pie started buying products from Rene, and Joe couldn’t remember.  So, Howard called Rene, who said, “Wow – you are making me feel old! I was selling to the very first guy at Flying Pie (Dave Parker), so when was that… 1978!  Yup, it was my dad’s business then, and I worked for him at that time.  It’s been a great 31 years.

Howard Olivier, Rene Schoop, Joe Levitch

Rene has provided amazingly consistent products for us, week after week, year after year. Our Peppered Beef, Linguica and Italian Sausage have been repeatably excellent for 31 years!  It is somewhat natural to take such things for granted.

However, at Flying Pie we are mindful to not fall into that trap!!

In 1990, Rene created a custom-built smoked link sausage to help our No Vegy Pieway be its amazing self.  Around 1998 he started selling us real Canadian Bacon.

So now we have five amazing meat ingredients/offerings brought to us each week from Meridian Meats.

Repeatably excellent experiences are a signature trait at Flying Pie.  Rene’s work has mattered to many thousands of our customers, and we get high praise on a daily basis, thanks to the meats he creates for us.

We hereby recognize Rene Schoop as a Flying Pie Pizzaria “Hall of Fame” contributor. In appreciation, we are awarding him a card good for 25 pizzas.  We hope that he will enjoy the pizzas along with the knowledge that we hold him in the highest esteem and regard.


Howard Olivier, Joe Levitch and the Flying Pie-ers