January 24, 2010

It’s been 10 years since Kevin Mills listened to what I had in mind for a “Flying Pie beer”, and about 8 ½ years since he created the first batch of “Triple Pi(e) Ale” for us.  Triple Pi(e) has grown steadily more popular every year since its debut in July of 2001.

Thank you Kevin, for your absolute focus on excellence.  “Almost” would not have been amazing.  We very much appreciate the integrity you embedded in the beer (the recipe and all the invisible systems that allow it to be so consistent); it’s something that pays off for us, week in, week out.

Around 2007 Triple Pi(e) became our top selling draft beer!  By 2009, sales from Triple Pi(e) have grown to more than three times that of the 2nd best selling beer on tap!  There are weeks where over half the growlers we sell are filled with Triple Pi(e) Ale.

Josh at Sockeye Brewing is doing a great job keeping us supplied – there have only been two small lapses in the last five years.  Other than that, it’s been a continuous stream, of beer and delighted customers.

Repeatably excellent experiences are a signature trait at Flying Pie. Kevin’s work has mattered to thousands of our customers, and we get high praise on a daily basis, thanks to the beer he designed for us.

We hereby nominate Kevin Mills as a Flying Pie Pizzaria “Hall of Fame” contributor. In appreciation, we are also awarding him a card good for 25 pizzas. We hope that he will enjoy the pizzas along with the knowledge that we hold him in the highest esteem and regard.

Howard Olivier and the Flying Pie-ers