Vicki Marsh: Graphic & menu art wizard for 50 menus and counting!

Howard Olivier & Vicki Marsh

Ever since the 1980’s, Vicki Marsh has been our #1 graphic magician.  When we first started sending her stuff, it was a collection of handwritten pieces in a shoebox!

We first met Vicki when she worked at Gail Ward’s Typography as a typesetter. Joe Levitch remembers, “Vicki had great ideas, was quick witted and fun, with an artistic flair which really grabbed me. There was always a clear sense that Vicki cared a lot about Flying Pie Pizzaria – it was never just, ‘a typesetting job’ to her.”  Joe and Howard remember bringing our menu fragments over to Vicki’s house after that for a number of years.

“Nobody’s gonna ‘out-Flying Pie’ Flying Pie” has been Howard’s core concept for over 20 years. One of the first applications of this abstract concept was our menu’zine.

By 1990, we understood that we could indeed create a menu’zine that was world class.  And that is what we set out to accomplish.  Many people have worked on menu creation from inside of the restaurant. The two constants have been Howard on the inside and Vicki on the outside.

Vicki developed her style and skill at working with the variety of pieces we send her, including photos, drawings, articles, comments, and rough sketches that she builds into beautiful graphics. Somewhere along the way, our menus became menu’zines!

The 50 menus Vicki created have covered much of our progress and many of our adventures.  It has been a lovely exploration over the last 20 years (which included us learning to type and email the articles and improve our photo skills!)

Vicki’s playful perspective has helped keep us connected to the optimistic youngster in each of us, even as the decades start to blend together.  Vicki’s sense of humor is a great fit with Flying Pie and the joyful work she does helps brighten our positive culture.

In addition to 50 delightful menus, Vicki has also done wonderful graphic work on several of our T-shirts and signs around the stores, including the artwork on the State Street awning.  (That art is actually from the beautiful line drawings from the Make it Yourself booklet and dough mix bag cover art!)

As a professional photographer for several newspapers over the years, Vicki patiently taught us about taking better photographs.  She’s also taken many of the photos that became permanent features on our website and other documents like the Orientation Manual.  Vicki was the photographer at the 30 year reunion party, and Howard’s 51.50 party.

Since 1991, Vicki has lived in Ontario, Oregon, and performed her magic for us via the internet.  We have a menu meeting twice a year, with all the staff.  Vicki invariably comes to these, which builds layers of connection between her and the folks who work in the restaurants.

We currently print 80,000 – 90,000 copies of our menu, twice a year.  This is the only “advertising” thing we put out into mass media (usually in the Boise Weekly &/or Idaho Statesman).  That is a lot of copies of the menu, when you consider there have been 50 of them!!  Over 4 million copies, all told!

Repeatably excellent experiences are a signature trait at Flying Pie.  Vicki’s work has mattered to many thousands of our customers, and we get high praise on a daily basis, thanks to the menus she creates for us.

We hereby recognize Vicki Marsh as a Flying Pie Pizzaria “Hall of Fame” contributor. In appreciation, we are awarding her a card good for 50 pizzas.  We hope that she will enjoy the pizzas along with the knowledge that we hold her in the highest esteem and regard.


Howard Olivier, Joe Levitch and the Flying Pie-ers