2015 is our 22nd season of Habanero Pizzas!

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Our fresh habanero peppers come from the Yucatan Peninsula in Southern Mexico and are much hotter than the common habaneros available at the grocery store. We offer a Single, Double or Triple Habanero Pizza, depending on the level of adventure you’re seeking. With a variety of antidotes, we guarantee your safe return to life as you currently experience it.

While our Habanero Pizzas are incredibly hot, we never compromise the excellent quality and flavors that you expect from Flying Pie. In 1994 when we were designing this pie, we tasted it with waaaaay too much habanero on it. Then we worked down from there to find “incredibly hot and still tastes great.” That’s one of the things that makes Flying Pie different from many restaurants that make spicy food only spicy, not spicy and tasty. When you can’t tell an olive from a piece of chicken, it’s too spicy! Because we use fresh habanero peppers, you’ll notice a delightful citrus flavor that complements the chicken perfectly.

Habanero Pizzas are too intense for most people who say they like spicy food. For the uninitiated, the huge dose of capsaicin (the spicy component of peppers) overwhelms the senses and confuses the digestive system.

Atop original dough and our special red sauce, this flaming pizza has cornmeal, mozzarella, chicken, olives, and just the right amount of habaneros. The cornmeal soaks up the flavors from the chicken, olives, and habaneros and carries the rich flavors throughout the pie.

Heat Options: (Also available in 8”)

Single 12” Habanero Pizza:
Approximately 6 fresh habanero peppers (heat equivalent of 5 pounds of jalapeños).

Double 12” Habanero Pizza:
Approximately 12 fresh habanero peppers (heat equivalent of 10 pounds of jalapeños).

Triple 12” Habanero Pizza:
Approximately 18 fresh habanero peppers (the heat equivalent of 15 pounds of jalapeños). “It’s like licking a sea urchin,” exclaimed Adam Richman of Man v Food,
after eating one bite!


Why do you only offer Habanero Pizzas in August?
1. August is when the peppers are the hottest and most flavorful.
2. To minimize the danger to our crew. They are trained to safely handle the peppers, use separate utensils in the kitchen (to avoid cross contamination with non-hab pizzas), and to watch for and wash hab dishes separately. We have to be super vigilant for an entire month – that’s enough!

Why can’t I put habanero peppers on a specialty pizza or custom pizza?
Because the danger to our oven people, our dishwashers, and civilians is outside of our comfort zone.

You can order a Habanero Pizza without the chicken or with one additional topping.
(Cream cheese or pineapple are delicious options!)

Can I get a Habanero Pizza parbaked to cook at home?
Yes, with a waiver.

What’s this I hear about signing a waiver?
If you take a Habanero Pizza out of the building, we need you to sign a release waiver. (This includes frozen pizzas, leftovers, and home delivery.) Unless you’ve eaten this pizza multiple times, we strongly encourage you to eat it here where we can ensure your safe return to life as you usually experience it.

Dear Flying Pie,
I would like to personally thank the sadist responsible for creating the Triple Habanero. When I purchased this Demon Pizza, I was cocky; overconfident; full of myself. I could not be defeated by a simple pizza. Alas, I was wrong. Therefore, I
thank you, Flying Pie, for putting me in my place.

Matt overheard two customers talking while he was bussing a table in the dining room.

Customer # 1: Apparently you can’t take the Habanero pizza out of the building without signing a release.
Customer # 2: I don’t blame them. Have you tried it? It is a six-hour ride on hot lava.

Chad got an 8” Habanero and then later came up for a box.
Chad: Wow! Those peppers are hot this year! Do I need to sign a waiver? I think I remember that from last year.
Nikki: Are you taking some home?
Chad: Umm, yeah! I barely made it through half of that tiny pizza! SO HOT! Oh yeah, I also need one of the habanero buttons. I have to prove to everyone that I did it!
Nikki: Awesome! Here you go.
The button he chose said, “I eat Habs and like it!”

Nikki, holding a Habanero Pizza: Ok guys. Are you ready for your really hot pie?
Dudes: Yeah! Bring it on!
A little while later Nikki checked on them.
Nikki: How is it? Hot enough?
Dudes: Unavoidable squeaks and inward breathing.
Nikki: Do you guys want some ice cream?
All three nod and say in a hoarse whisper: OK

Jason walked into the house and grabbed a slice of pizza from the open box. Before taking a bite, he scoffed at KC who was sitting on the couch saying “WOW!” and fanning his mouth between bites of pie. I said to Jason, “That’s the double habanero, you know?” No comment and then a large bite. KC says, “You’re gonna know in a few seconds.” Suddenly Jason says, “What the hell?”

“I told you it’s the double habanero!”

Jason finishes the slice and sits down with a funny look on his face. A few minutes later he says, “Why do you eat that? That is the hottest thing I have eaten in my life!” Upon hearing this I threw my fist up in the air and said, “YES! Howard would be proud!” To which KC laughed. Jason proceeds to bitch me out for a few minutes. He was SO mad that I would let him eat it.

After the bitching subsides, Jason waits a few more minutes and I see him reach into the box for a second slice. “WHOA, this one is all you, buddy,” I say. Jason responds with, “I think I am eating it just for the whole experience of it. I have never had anything that hot!”


The pizza we ate on that fateful night was VERY hot. It seemed hotter to me than the pizzas we had on last Wednesday. I thought that the kitchen had given me ‘special’ treatment since I am an employee, but Mo said she weighed it out correctly. My friend KC said it was noticeably hotter than last year, as well. He said, “Last year I ate seven slices, no problem, this year I can barely get through 2.”



Did you know that to take our Habanero Pizzas out of the store that you must sign a release form?

Download the Habanero Release form in Acrobat (.pdf) format