Our Guarantee

Our guarantee, etched in Two-inch thick sandstone, hangs structurally from the ceiling supports of our restaurant.  It says, “We care a lot about every pizza we make and personally guarantee your satisfaction.”  The period at
the end is best understood when it is pronounced – it is not merely punctuation.

What does it mean? It means that we do not consider it to be your problem to make sure that you get an excellent value from coming to see us. It is the opposite of Caveat Emptor. It means we are happy to help you discover a perfect fit, because to us, “Flying Pie Customer” means a supremely satisfied customer.

A Normal Night on the Phone
“Fairview Flying Pie, can I help you?”
“Yes, I’m curious about this guarantee of yours.”

“It’s pretty straight forward, why don’t you read it to me.”
“We care a lot about every pizza we make and personally guarantee your satisfaction.”
“No, you left out the most important part. Read it again and include the punctuation.”
“We care a lot about every pizza we make and personally guarantee your satisfaction,
“Yes, that’s better. Now what was your question?”
“I think I answered it.”
“I’m glad I could help, was there anything else?”
“Yes, I’d like to order 2 mediums, a Zerto Magnifico and also a Gyro Pizza for $5.75, since you guarantee I’ll like them.”
“I do, and we’ll see you in about 20 minutes.”
“Thanks! Bye!”
“Hello, Fairview Flying Pie…”

Howard Olivier & Tami Franks

F.A.Q. about our guarantee
Why doesn’t every place guarantee their product as solidly as Flying Pie does?
Frankly, in far too many businesses, from the top of their organization to the very bottom, the very thought terrifies them. So how can Flying Pie Pizzaria do such a bold thing? To us, the thought of not running our business that way seems as ridiculous to us as our way must seem to them.

What do the crews think of having to back such a guarantee?
Part of how we thrive is our ability to attract a certain kind of amazing employee, one who is comfortable being responsible for the quality of the labor they sell us. That ability then allows us to make create Repeatably Excellent Pizzas, which allows us to guarantee our results. From there, it isn’t all that big a leap to where we personally guarantee your satisfaction, period.. Are you crazy? Nobody offers free samples of tap beers and bottles of wine?!? What is so crazy about a free sample of a beer or wine, before you order? To us, it is simply another facet of our guarantee. When you visit Flying Pie, you get a refreshment you love, not just one you can live with.

How can I use this guarantee to my best advantage?
Sometimes an example can be helpful:  Let’s say you love the # 12 (Sam I Am), and wonder if you might love the #13 (Garlic Chicken).  It is fine with us if you come in and order the #13, eat a couple of slices of it, and if it doesn’t do it for you, trade it in for your old reliable #12.

Would it be too extreme to come in once every week for 16 weeks, to test out the 16 specialty pizzas I haven’t tried yet, always with the option of trading it in after two slices and getting my old favorite?
No, not at all! We go to considerable lengths to create and expand a virtually risk-free environment for people to try new experiences. We do so because we don’t consider our pizza or beer to be our product. While our pizzas and beers are remarkable commodities, our product is “Above Zero Surprise”, and we can’t imagine hitting that bell without our amazing crews and our rock solid guarantee.

Man: Do you guys make a 20” Garlic Chicken?
Mario: Nope. The alfredo sauce on a pizza that size makes the dough real soggy and the pizza won’t taste good.
Man: Wow, I’m glad to see that you guys look out for your customers and don’t serve sub-par pizza.
Mario: Exactly! We like to call it repeatably excellent. It’s what helps us stay in business!