Oh, you guys deliver beer?

No – we deliver outstanding beer, in Growlers* and bottles, from all over the world!  We deliver beers so good it’ll almost make you cry.  And, if you come in to visit us or pick up an order, you can enjoy free samples of the draft beers before you buy one.

beer growler

* A Growler is a four-pint glass jug draft beer experience.

Bookmark our web site, so that you can view the 7-Day Draft beer forecast each week. Doing so will allow you to snag your share of those hard to get small kegs we source from Europe.

Occasionally we are asked how we can say that our beer selection is the best when there are other places with tons more beers.  We enjoy pointing out that the gap between the best and worst beers offered in our cooler is much narrower than any other we know of.  We don’t carry a remarkably large number of beers, rather we provide a remarkable bunch of exceptional quality beers, creating a cooler which crackles with a level of integrity that is sadly missing in most restaurants in this valley.   Also, at Flying Pie, you are less likely to get a dusty bottle of something delivered to the establishment sometime last year.

growler jug of beer

We’re really proud of the comment we got from an exasperated, almost angry fellow from back East.  Honestly, to hear him go on, you’d think the road into Boise wasn’t paved.  While pointing at our beer cooler, he sputtered,  “That is not funny.

People here don’t know what that is; they can’t appreciate it.  Why in the world would you create that beer selection here, in Boise?   That is a beer cooler to die for, and it’s 3000 miles from my home.  This makes no sense.”

Captured by Dillon: I was delivering two pies, a 6-pack of Dr. Pepper, and three bottles of New Castle. A 12-year old kid answered the door and handed me cash.Me: “Can I see your ID, buddy?”

A voice from the back room: “Oh! I’ll be right there!”

Shuffle, shuffle “Thank you so much. I forgot that I ordered beer.”

Me: “Well, I wasn’t going to risk selling beer to a minor.”

Customer, Don: “Thanks for paying attention.”

FAQ – “You deliver beer, is that legal?”

Question: Hello- I’m engaged in producing a prototypical “beer and pizza” delivery service as a part of my MBA program at the University of Colorado. After a quick Internet search, I’ve found that very few such outlets appear to exist, at least as far as the web shows. Are there any legal parameters in Idaho, different from other states, that permit delivery of beer and wine? Are there any logistical and/or legal issues that prevent this kind of service from growing throughout the US? I’d appreciate any insight you have in this regard. Thanks for your time!

Answer: Without giving away proprietary information, I can tell you that any state that allows caterers to bring champagne to weddings probably has sufficent wiggle room for a pizza place to deliver beer, provided that the interested party be fiercely determined, and that s/he read what the law actually says very, very carefully.

We feel we are providing an important service to our customers, including some who want more beer and probably shouldn’t be driving around to get it.  The only on-going logistical problem is that we need to see an ID from the person paying for it, just as any retail outlet would, and if there is none there, we need to bring the beer or wine back with us.

Scotty is delivering a pie, and right next door Dominos is delivering too.The Flying Pie customer yells out to his neighbor, “Don’t you know The Pie delivers?”Dominos customer yells back, “I do now and I’ll be calling The Pie next week!”

All this was said in front of the Dominos driver. Funny thing was the Dominos driver says, “Yea, and they deliver the best beer as well!”