State Street now has amazing Greenbelt access!

The State Street Flying Pie has always had reasonably good Greenbelt access. However, with the recent rebuilding of the intersection at our corner, including the installation of a light for crossing State Street, we now are proud recipients of what can only be described as unreasonably good Greenbelt access.

Willow Lane takes off from the Greenbelt at mile marker NW3.6 (on the Western edge of the soccer and softball fields). From there, it is one tree-lined, quiet (rather long) residential block to the light at State Street, which deposits you directly into our parking lot!

Just as we have “had” to adapt and add more high chairs and boosters as our clientele has grown up, so too have we responded by adding bike rack slots, and we anticipate adding even more, as families discover just how satisfying it feels to safely and scenically ride bicycles to a favorite restaurant. The Europeans would be proud.

From the main section of the North End, the best way we’ve found for walking or cycling to get to the Greenbelt by bike is to cross State Street at 23rd, go down to Pleasanton, and go West until Pleasanton ends, at the Greenbelt entrance path. There is very light traffic on Pleasanton, and only moderate traffic on 23rd. If you are coming home, the turnoff from the Greenbelt back to Pleasanton is at mile marker NW1.9, by the Clocktower pond.

The mile marker system on the Greenbelt is based on being on the North or South side of the river, and being either East or West of Capitol Blvd. It was enacted to address frustration the police had, in measuring, communicating and understanding exactly where problems were occurring. We are very sad that these useful mile markers have such a tragic inspiration. We are also deeply grateful for the job the Boise Police Department and the many volunteers do, to keep the Greenbelt as safe as it can reasonably be.

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