Gourmet Night At Flying Pie Pizzaria!

Every Tuesday night at all three locations (Boise & Meridian), an event called Gourmet Night comes to life.  People madly revel in strange and unusual pizzas (with a few normal ones mixed in to keep perspective), and wash them all down with
plentiful libations of every stripe.

Every week there is a large number of vegetarian pizzas, a solid number of pizzas from our regular menu, some rotating exotics, and every so often, something truly unique.  A lot of the pizzas now found on our “Normal” menu began their lives as Gourmet Night Pizzas, until Boise’s tastes acclimated to our chef’s imaginations.

Every week we offer six selections from our regular menu (Cheese, Phosgo, Samoan, Pepperoni, Zambini and Vegy).

Every week there are five magnificent Vegetarian options and seven meat options, a total of twelve dizzying choices, not counting dessert (yes, we’re serious).

Each week there are six pizzas that weren’t on the menu the week before (some of which haven’t appeared in many weeks).  These will include a special Chicken Pizza, a special Mexican Pizza, two vegetarian Gourmet Pizzas,
two meaty Gourmet Pizzas.

Every week both stores offer a dessert pizza, and all the salad bar and breadsticks you want!

Just reading about all that is enough to fill some people up!

Certain Gourmet Night pizzas have developed a cult like following which is what has driven us to update the list of selections each week, here on the web. We tire of listening to whining when folks miss the week their favorite pizza is featured!

Additionally, we now have the ability to make a few folks a WHOLE pizza of their favorite, on the Tuesday where it is being featured on Gourmet night. These must be pre-ordered, by Sunday 12 PM so that we can adjust our shopping trip
for the week. So all of you GYRO fanatics can now get your fix almost every other week, by checking to see which store is featuring it this week.


1. What time does it start?
6:00 pm every Tuesday.

1. How long does it last?
9:00 pm. We may sell out before 9pm.

2. What is it?
It’s the night with a $8.50 cover, and then all the food is free. It’s a buffet style dinner of 12 different flavors of pizza, including 6 featured Gourmet Pies and 6 Specialty pies, as well as all-you-can-enjoy breadsticks and salad.

3. How does it work?
We make 12 different styles of pizzas rotate into the mix.  When a particular pizza comes up, generally after 11 more pizzas another of the same kind will come out. Under certain circumstances we’ll bump the order, especially for kids who are antsy for plain Pepperoni or cheese.

4. How much does it cost?
$8.50 for adults, $5 for kids age 9-12, $3 for kids age 5-8, and kids under 5 are free.

5. Does it come with a drink?
No but you can get a refillable glass of soda for $1.60 more.

6. Are you doing the Gyro tonight?
We do a Gyro pizza every four weeks (or once a month).  To find out if this is the week, check the upcoming menu for both stores below.

8. When’s the dessert pizza coming out?
Dessert pies come out at 7pm and 8pm.

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