FLYING PIE has a legal obligation to not serve alcohol to minors and is working in cooperation with the Boise Police Department to reduce underage drinking. In doing so, Flying Pie checks IDs of all customers who appear to be 35 or younger. This ensures that we meet the law, we keep our license to sell alcohol, our employees keep their jobs, and all while you get the same wonderful experience you keep coming back for time and again!

If you’re going to drink, and look under 35, bring your ID.  We will gladly accept your:

• Driver’s license
• Military ID
• Passport

See, we make it very easy to drink at Flying Pie… just so long as you are 21 or older!

Minors:  Do not attempt to drink here!

You know that phrase, “You’ve got nothing to lose?”  Well, if you’re under 21 and you try to buy beer or wine from us, we will confiscate your ID card if you are a minor or you present us with a fake ID.

So you tried to slip one past us.  Nice try.

You tried to buy alcohol, knowing that you were underage, but desperately hoping we would not card you.  But we did.  And not only that, we confiscated your ID as well.   Now what?

If we confiscated your ID, we have given it to the officer listed below.

Boise City Police Officer
Shelly Sonnenberg