8 Great Ways to Use Our Gift Card

1. Holiday gifts for your kids’ teachers, coaches, and caregivers.

2. Magnificent stocking stuffers!

3. When you forget Cousin Larry’s birthday & need a brilliant gift at a moment’s notice.

4. Keep on-hand in the office for a quick thank you or other employee appreciation gift.

5. Your monthly allotment of delicious pizza, beer, breadsticks and salad.

6. A thank you gift for your mechanic, massage therapist, or letter carrier.

7. High quality “lunch money” for your kids or anyone who would benefit from your gentle, wise guidance.

8. A treat for yourself!

Gift Card Appeal

It’s reloadable, reusable, and remarkable!

It’s a great conversation piece.

It will make other wallets jealous.

It’s great collateral for high-stakes poker games.

It can be a gentle nudge toward higher quality living for someone currently settling for ‘okay’ pizza.

It’s a perfect gift for new hut, er, home owners.

It can be loaded with any amount from $5 to your credit card limit.

It comes with free gift wrapping (a Flying Pie pizza box and a menu’zine!)

Gift cards are available for purchase at both Flying Pie locations.