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Why you might want to become a seller of labor at Flying Pie

Captured by Sarah: 

Customer: “Do you guys go through training to be as silly and happy as you are?”

Me: “Kinda, it’s called “choosing your attitude.” We figure it’s better to have fun at work than hate it.”

Customer: “That’s why I come in instead of getting delivery. Not only do I get great service, but seeing you guys having fun makes me feel better about life. That’s why you’re better than anyone else!”


At Flying Pie we work with a philosophy we call “Above Zero and Growing”.  This can be opposed with “Up to Zero” which is the absence of both negative and positive.  A lot of work environments exist with “up to zero” aspirations because they are uncomfortable asking for anything more than employees who aren’t doing anything wrong (or anything amazing).

The chart below shows how the differences between the two philosophies might play out in the workplace.

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