Nobody’s Gonna “Out-Flying Pie” Flying Pie.  Flying Pie Pizzaria is dedicated to creating repeatably excellent experiences, often centered around a pizza meal.  We show our integrity and practice of life-long learning via “A better idea always wins.”  We celebrate our imperfect results while looking for ways to improve them.  We create an environment in which employees contribute, feel valuable, and invite customers into our inclusive community.  Above all, we recognize that what we do takes place in the overlap between all of our interests.

There are employee discounts on pizza & beer, free soda, a shift beer(for those 21 years and older), employee discounts on, t-shirts, hats, and miscellaneous merchandise.

We have several planned parties each year, and many impromptu ones. Planned parties include picnics, movie parties, Christmas dinners, raft trips, and much more.  We also close early on the 4th of July, Halloween, New Years Eve, and Christmas Eve!

Flexible Schedule: Our schedule is made out on a weekly basis and we can accommodate most lifestyles. Just let us know!!

Vacation Pay: After one year all employees receive one weeks vacation pay. This is calculated by averaging the hours you worked in the year. It can be taken as time off, or you can take it in cash! It can also be saved, up to 160 hours. At Flying Pie’s discretion you may be required to take some or even all of your vacation time in time off (vs. cash). Full time employees are eligible for 2 weeks vacation pay per year, after two years. Full time employees are eligible for a paid month off after 10 years!

Health Care: If you work over 30 hours (full time employee), you are eligible to receive medical insurance.

A portion of your pay goes towards Unemployment Benefits and Workman’s Comp. If you are injured at work, it is covered. You must report the injury to us immediately, and a report must be filled out in order for this coverage to apply.