The Secret Behind Flying Pie’s Selection of Draft Beers

We continually rotate our draft selections, and there is a pattern behind it all. There’s always a representative from each of five categories. Here are the categories and some examples of the kinds of beer in them:

1) Belgian: Aventinus, Chimay, Urthel
2) Dark: Spaten Optimator, Delirium Nocturnum, Anchor Porter
3) Semi-traditional moderate: New Castle, Franziskaner
4) Semi-traditional light: Bass, Spaten Lager
5) Local/regional and exceptional ales: Deschutes Inversion IPA, Sockeye Dagger Falls

We standardly offer domestics Bud Light and PBR, as well as our beloved house beer, Triple Pi.

Our hard-working beer ordering folks use this system to keep our beer selections continually varied, yet thematically familiar. When a keg blows, it is replaced with a different beer from the same category.

We’re happy to share our Kegs By Category chart and the Bottled Beer chart for your enjoyment. They’re available on our website and in-store at the bar!

The amazing story about Chimay!