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In order to better serve the community we are reevaluating our current donation system. We appreciate your interest, however for now we are pausing before we promise until we have a clear view of how we can best serve the community in this capacity. Thank you.

For the purpose of getting to know your group or event, Flying Pie limits initial contributions to in-kind donations.

Flying Pie donates gift certificates to a lot of functions around Idaho! We donate gift certificates to many different groups & functions such as: school carnivals, bike races, fund raisers, church functions, motivational functions for groups, & recognition events for individual contributions to our community.  We prefer to donate gift certificates (for pizzas or other items) to be used as raffle prizes, door prizes or silent auctions.

We do not begin a relationship with a group by  “sponsoring” or “donating money” to a team or event.

A few important things you should know—We keep records of events we have contributed gift certificates to. If you have gotten gift certificates from us before, we will review how well it went last time.  If the previous gift certificates weren’t
redeemed, we’ll probably turn down the request.  However, if it looks like a good fit (meaning the gift certificates were used), we’ll be eager to work together again, and again.

The resonance between your group and Flying Pie is the most valuable asset you have, for securing future contributions.

We highly recommend that you take exceptional care of it!

Gift Certificates
Pizza Parties
2 Weeks Review
Mailed/Faxed/Emailed requests
Places where the gift
certificate was used last time
Quality place & events
Last Minute Requests
Phone Calls
Places where the gift
certificate wasn’t used last time
“We need food, & lots of it!”

Email or send your request to Flying Pie, in care of the Marketing Department

Mail:  6508 Fairview, Boise, Idaho 83704

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