Howard and Joe were cohorts of the best kind when it came to great ideas at Flying Pie. Years ago they started collecting funny names (like Pete Zarria) and from about 1985-1988 we put a new name on the outside reader board each week. That’s how the names got to be known as “Customer of the Week” names. In 1988, the Broadway store got an illuminated awning, so the small reader board display came down and we used it inside the Fairview store.
Sometimes you have to let the words roll around in your head for a bit before it makes sense. If you get stuck on one, just give it time to unravel.


The current collection has 248 names… here’s A-C:

A. Paul Ling
A.B. Ginner
Aaron D Tires
Ada D. Zert
Al E Cat
Al O Vera
Alfredo D Dark
Amanda Hugginkhiss
Amanda Lynn Player
Angie O’Graham
Ann Arky
Ann Chovie
Ann Cillary
Ann L Gessick
Ann Tannah Ball
Anna Conda
Anna Phalactic
Anne Teeter
Aunt Eeder
Auntie Biotic
Austin Tatious
Ava Lanch
B. Z. Beaver
Barbie Quer
Barry Treasure
Bea Futtle
Bea Willder
Beau Hunter
Ben D Rules
Ben Dërdundat
Bessie Everhad
Bill Trite
Bonnie Lysover
Brett N Butter
Bri Theezier
Brianna Ritz
C. Quester
Cam E. O’Rolle
Candi Barr
Carmen Getit
Carrie O’Key
Cayman Wendt
CD Barr
Charity Case
Charity B. Guin-Sattome
Chase Tafter (Bounty Hunter)
Cheyanne Meak
Cheyenne D. Muir
Cher F.
Chris P.
Cici Ryder
Claira T.
Claire Annette Player
Claire Voyant
Claire & Preston Danger
Clarence Sale
Cora Spond
Cory O’Graffer
Crayton Havoc
Chris P. Critter
Crystal Ball
Curtis C. Carr
Cy Attica
Cy O’Narra