Aaron and Brett burying Jimmy. Whitney

Dawn and Scott on the beach. Whitney

Shawnzy playing in the sand. Asa

Some of the wild animals we saw at the Ocotal Beach Resort.

Chicken swallowed some water during a body surfing incident. Andy

Pelican. Andy

Rooftop iguana. Alyne

Camouflage crab… Andy

Look! It’s a whale! We also saw dolphin! Andy

Joe and a bluejay at breakfast. Whitney

Andrea hugs the ocean. Asa

Jeremy, Jen, and Dave V, beachside.

Karl, Whitney, and Mario, beachside.

James and Andrea at the beach bonfire. Asa

Roman and Celicia, beachside.

A few of us had a drink with Justin. Lesley

Dave heading down to the beach with his snorkel gear. Eric

The last night at Ocotal, our guides brought in a special treat: local marimba players! The sound was incredible and the huge instrument was entirely hand made. A couple people tried their hand at making music. Reba.

Tory, Mandy, and Shawnzy on the beach. Whitney

Young’uns celebrating the Costa Rican drinking age. Whitney

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