Thank you all for participating in these contests. We’ve concluded booking reservations. We look forward to a fun time in Meridian

Two Contests

- Winners from each contest can only claim one prize
- If you signed up for both contest and won, you may claim each prize.

How do I know if I won?

- We are sending an invitation via email to all the winners. This will be sent to the email address you provided when you signed up for the contest.
- Each winner has won ONE option. There’s enough for all winners, as long as each winner takes One option. Multiple tickets will be voided.
- Winners have five days to claim their prize. After that, Flying Pie will consider you forfeited your prize, and will select new winners.

What is the Pre-Opening Celebration?

- Flying Pie will officially open the Meridian store on May 6th. Before that date, we’ll do a ‘soft opening’, inviting a few folks to join us for lunch or dinner at one of our stores.

- We created a contest and thousands of people have signed up… And… We have a list of lucky winners invited to join our celebration.

What is a ‘soft opening’?

- A soft opening gives us the opportunity to get YOU, the customer, to participate in the last steps before we open to the public. After all, you’ve been part of this venture since the beginning.

- It is a time when the restaurant can iron out the last of its kinks and gauge how it will operate. It gives both the front of the house and kitchen staff a chance to interact with guests before the doors are officially open.

When is the Pre-Opening Celebration?

- April 15th – May 5th. You may select only one date and time.

When is Lunch/Dinner?

- There are three different times for lunch and dinner. We’re trying to get as many winners to join us so, each lunch will last 1 hour and each dinner 1.5 hrs.

Why am I booking a ticket?

- This a very special occasion for us, and we want to make sure it will be great for everyone. So, we’re pre-booking the experience to serve you best.
- You’ve won one option. Please make sure to select ONLY one option. Multiple tickets will be voided.

How do I book my ticket?

- First, click on the link ”Attend Event” at the bottom of the page.
- Once you are in the event page, select a date and time. Then, select an option.
- Click on Register.
You will receive an email confirmation, and will be able to download and print your ticket.
Don’t forget to bring your ticket and ID.

Will I be able to buy more pizzas? drinks?

- Yes. You will be able to order in addition to your prize. We will be happy to serve your favorite beer!

How many people can I bring?

- You may bring as many people as stated on the ticket you book. If your ticket says Two people, it means your party can be of up to two people including adults and children.

Can I use my ticket for something else? or at other Flying Pie stores? after the Pre-Opening?

- No. Your ticket is good on the date, time and at the store specified on the ticket. If you ticket says “lunch”, it cannot be used for dinner.

Is my ticket transferrable?

- No. If ticket cannot be used by date specified, then prize will be forfeited.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket?

- Yes. You may also show your ticket via phone. Your ticket information must match the information you provided when signing up for the contest.

Are there ID requirements?

Yes. Your ID must match the ticket information

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?