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Customer, in an Australian accent: Ah, you guys have a very nice
line up of brews, eh?
Stan: What tickles your fancy?
Customer: I’m very excited to try that Anniversary Ale. I’ve never
had it on tap before.
Stan: Would you like to sample it or go for it?
Customer: I’ll just go for it. I trust that you guys won’t put a
‘bad’ beer on tap.

Megan: I need a super lame and girly beer.
Jaime: The Framboise is an incredibly delicious and fruity raspberry
beer. It’s $9 a bottle.
Megan: What!? Wow! That one must be super special!
Jaime: It has a cork in it that you have to pop out!
Megan: Coool! Ok, I want that one!

Lady: What do you guys have on tap that tastes like Fat Tire?
Mario: Right now, nothing really. But I do have this Rogue Dead
Guy that’s better than Fat Tire.
Mario pours a sample.
Lady tastes it and says, “Wow, you’re right! That’s way better.
I’ll take one.”
Mario: Pint, pitcher or growler?
Lady: Better make it a pitcher!

Customer: Do you guys deliver?
Drew: We deliver the entire Flying Pie experience straight to your
door. We can get you pizza, Pepsi and/or Coke, bottled beer and even giant
jugs of tap beer.
Customer: No way! You deliver growlers?!
Drew: You better believe it, you just need a credit card and ID.
Customer: I’ve got those.
Drew: Have you ever heard of Triple Pi Ale? …

Julie, from HP, on the phone: Hi Jen, can I get a delivery for 5:00
Jen: Let me check… Yep, looks like we can do that. What can I get
for you?
Julie: I’ll get a large Fabulous Five Pack, enough salad for ten
people and 18 cans of assorted sodas.
Jen: You got it Julie.
Julie: You guys always get it right.

With delivery orders of 10 or more pizzas, we add in an extra pizza
(a “Chef’s Choice” pizza) as an insurance policy on the order. When everything
works great, the customer gets a free extra pizza. If there’s a problem
with a pizza, we’ve got a stunt double lined up to take its place. In this
snapshot, Denise ordered twenty pizzas for delivery and got two free “Chef’s
Choice” pizzas.

Denise, on the phone: I just had to call and tell you how pleased
I am with our delivery today. Everything was perfect. And your delivery
guy was great.
Jen: Did you enjoy the Chef’s Choice pizzas?
Denise: Yeah! You know, those aren’t pizzas I would have normally
picked, but now that I’ve had them, they might be on the list next time.

Bill, calling us back after receiving his delivery: We ordered from
you last night, and we ate one slice before my wife went into labor, so
we had to order from you again tonight. I just wanted to let you know that
everything was amazing. Your driver was wonderful and the pizza was delicious!
I know you have to deal with complaints sometimes, so I thought I’d call
to say something good.
Dano: That’s wonderful! We love it when people call to tell us good
things! Was it a boy or girl?
Bill: It’s our first little boy! Mom’s first dinner after he was
born was Flying Pie!
Dano: This is one of the most pleasant delivery call-backs I’ve
ever received. Thank you so much, and I hope to see you soon.
Bill: You definitely will!

The following conversation occurred while Lexy was on the phone with
her friend Randy from California…

Randy: So you guys have an email ordering service? You write an
email to place your order, and you ship your pies all over the world? (Chuckle,
Lexy: Actually, yes we do that. We just shipped a couple of Habanero
pies to Delaware, and we have sent pizza to New Zealand before.
Randy: Oh, no kidding?! I was making a joke, but it’s cool that
it’s a real thing!

Nancy called to order two large pizzas for a party at her house the
next day. With the prep work for the party, Nancy was concerned about having
time to drive back into Boise to pick up the pizzas. Esti told her about
our Home Cook option: she could keep the par-baked pizzas overnight, and
then cook them before the party for optimum freshness. Nancy exclaimed,
“I had no idea you guys did that! You saved me an extra trip to town! Thank
you so much!”

Customer: You guys have good energy here. We make it a point to not
call in our order, so that we can enjoy a salad and a drink here. You guys
are just so fun to watch.
Kristan: Thanks for the great compliment! It’s nice to know why
you guys always come in to place your to-go order.

Steve came in with his two young kids. When Nikki found out they
had ordered pizza from us before but hadn’t been in for a visit, she gave
them the New Customer Journal.

Later, Nikki: Well, what did you think?
Steve: This place is so much fun. I can’t believe we haven’t been
here before. We will definitely be back.
Nikki: Great! And don’t keep it a secret! Bring your friends!

Customer: I just wanted to thank you.
Scotty: For what?
Customer: While I’ve been waiting for my pizza, I’ve enjoyed watching
you sing and dance while you did dishes, but more importantly I watched
you wash your hands at least 20 times and for that I thank you!

Whitney noticed a customer standing at the bar and didn’t know how
long he had been waiting, so she told him about using the triangle if he
needs someone to help him next time. He said,
“I didn’t even notice that
I had been waiting. Sometimes it’s just so much fun to watch you guys.”

As a couple picked out their growler, Jen asked, “Do you want the
proper glassware to match your beer? Since you’re buying a growler, you
can have two Flying Pie pint glasses for just $5.00.”
Guy: That’s a good deal. We’ll take them! Now we have the proper
glassware to finish our growler at home.
Customer, picking up hot pizzas: I have to get those pizzas to Eagle,
do you think that they will make it?
Matt: In one of these they will. (Points to pizza jacket on display).
Customer: Wow, how convenient. I’ll buy one.

Customer: I saw your Father’s Day reader board and thought, ‘My dad
would love a gift card from Flying Pie!’
Stan: I think he would!
Customer: Can I get one for $25?
Stan: Yes! Would you like it gift wrapped?
Customer: Gift wrapped?
Stan: I’ll gift wrap it for you… (Stan put the gift card and a menu
inside a pizza box and handed it over).

Customer, laughing: The lightest pizza ever! He probably won’t understand
until he sees the gift card!

Dan Popkey, on ‘Daniel Day’: So I don’t get to keep this apron?
Dano: No, but you can make one, if you buy an embroidered Flying
Pie patch.
Dan: You sell those? I want one!

I love the food here. It is a special treat to come here. I love
love love to BEEP the horn because it makes everybody happy and they CHEER.

Emilee, 8 years old.

A customer asked what she ‘needed to do’ to honk the horn.
Demmi: Well, you have to promise you’ll come back and see us soon
and then give the horn a big squeeze.
Customer: We’ll always be back!
Then she honked the horn and left happily.

Today is my son’s 5th birthday – I told him that he could decide
where to go for dinner. He said he wanted to go to “the pizza that has
wings and when you honk the horn the pizza guys go ‘YAHOO!’”

Customer: I think I want a salad.
Stan: Is this for here or to go?
Customer: This is to go.
Stan: Ok, so either I can make you a small one for $2.75 or a big
one for six bucks or you can make a small one from the salad bar for $4.50
or $9.50 for a big one.
Customer: I’d like to make one and just have free range of the salad
bar if I could.
Stan: Of course, here you go. What kind of dressing would you like?
Customer: The house pepper Parmesan, thank you.
As he closed up the salad container he said, “This is the best looking
salad I’ve seen in a while.”
Stan: And you made it. Perfectly.

Overheard by Karl:
Customer, to his friend: Hey, come here check out this salad bar!
Look at that! (Waves his hand in front of the salad bar). Look at how good
every thing looks, how green that salad is. There’s no way we would have
gotten salad this good at Chuck-O-Rama. No way.

Customer: Is your salad bar ‘all you can eat’?
Kayce: Actually, it’s ‘all you can enjoy’.
Customer: Cool – I was hoping for that.

A dine-in couple was just sitting down to eat…
Lady: We love this place so much; I wish we could share it with
the world!
Dano: Thank you! You know, if you want to invite some friends down,
I can get you a second pizza for half-off.
Lady: Oh really? I’ll call my sister.
Shortly, two more people showed up and bought another large pizza
(for half-off).

A small group of customers at the counter, talking to each other:
Should we get the Fromage a Trois or the No Vegy Pieway? They’re both so
good in their own ways.
Mario: You know, guys, this decision could be easier: what is there,
like 5 of you? You could get two larges and one will be half-off, so it
won’t cost you too much.
Customer: Really? Hmm… that’s a great idea but can we eat that
Mario: The deal works for mediums too.
Customer: Awesome. Let’s do that. Two pizzas are way better than
one and now everyone wins!

Mark saw Eric and his wife, who Mark hadn’t seen in a while. Eric
“We’ve been budgeting and not eating out much.”
Mark: What did you order tonight? Just one pizza?
Eric: Yes, a medium Samoan.
Mark: When you get one medium or large pizza, you can get a second
one for half-price. We can parbake it so you can take it home and put it
in your freezer. Next time you want Flying Pie pizza, you can just pull
it out of the freezer and cook it up. Just be sure to let it warm to room
temperature first.
Eric: Really? That’s a great idea. Let’s do that right now.

When Matt ordered a Pesto Primavera for delivery, Stan asked him
if he was a wine drinker. He said ‘yes’ and Stan asked him if he had any
Pinot Grigio at home.

Matt: Actually, I do!
Stan: Well, Matt, that should be your beverage with the pizza tonight.
Matt: Oh, really?
Stan: Yes, we’ve tested lots of wines with that pizza and a Pinot
Grigio definitely tastes amazing with that pie.

Stan offered a sample of Pinot Grigio to a customer that was enjoying
a Pesto Primavera and the lady said,
“Wow! That is definitely a great pairing.”

Sara and Michelle came in for drinks. Michelle had a Full Sail, while
Sara was interested in the wines, specifically the Capisaldo. When Karl
went to pour her a sample, she assured him that there was no need.
sure I’ll love it.”
Karl said, “Well, just in case, to see if it’s to your taste.”
Upon tasting, she made a face and said, “Oh, I don’t like that at
all! Thank you for giving me the chance to sample it.”
Karl replied, “It’s all part of the training here at Flying Pie,
to find the best fit for our customers.”
She laughed and thanked Karl again. She decided on the Oxford Landing,
which she loved. The proof? She bought a second glass!

Lesley saw Doreen, a long time customer who has been drinking our
Pinot Grigio for many, many years, and went over to say hi.

Lesley: Hi Doreen! It’s nice to see you! What are you drinking tonight?
Doreen: The Pinot Grigio.
Lesley: Of course! How do you like it? I thought of you when we recently
switched to the new one…
Doreen: Oh, I like it very well. It’s better actually!
Lesley: We thought so too! That’s why we switched.
Doreen: Good choice, it’s delicious.

GOOD STUFF in haiku:

Homey dining room,

Happy people throwing dough,

Big screen football game.

Mmm… perfect spices!

Wow… crust both crispy and soft!
Yes! Leftovers for later!

Our “Beers of the Future” display shows which beers are going
to be tapped next. If you’d like a call when a specific beer gets tapped,
we can put your info on a heart-shaped tag that gets attached to the tap
handle. That way, you get to enjoy a pint from a freshly tapped keg, and
you won’t miss out on your favorite beer. Here’s how it works:
A guy came
up and was looking at the display of future beer taps. Jen redirected him
to our current tap handles. He ended up with a Brother David’s Triple,
but also put a heart on the Delirium Tremens, saying,

“That’s great. I can’t wait for your call!”

A man and woman came in for lunch today, but stopped to pick out
drinks at the bar first.

Jaime: What do you typically like?
Her: Nothing dark.
Jaime: Nothing? Never?
Her: Never.
Jaime: Don’t challenge me like that! Before I give you anything,
I want you to try this. It’s the Oatmeal Stout from Anderson Valley.
She tried it, and her eyes kind of popped out of her head. She took
a few sips and finished up the taster.

Her: This is delicious. Seriously!  I want this!
Him: You’ve never ordered dark beer before!
Jaime: Aha! You’ll always remember us for serving you the first
dark beer you ever loved.
Her: Yes, I will.

Anthony overheard this conversation between three customers in the
dining room:

C1: It was so hard not to drink waiting for you guys!
C2: Oh yeah? Do they have good beer?
C1: Good? They have the best! 40 different bottles and a million
drafts. They rotate them!
C3: Not to mention they have 4 pint bottles to go! I just saw a
guy with one and it looked great!

Nikki overheard this comment at the bar…
“We came straight to the bar because we love your pizza, but we
really love your beer. The pizza is endless, but the beer might run out
at any moment!”

Kristan asked a customer standing at the bar which beer he’d like
to try and he said,
“Last time I had dark beer, but I remember you saying
it was mainly just dark in color.”
Kristan: Oh! I remember you! You had the Kostritzer.
Customer: Yes, that was it. You don’t have that? Not even in bottles?
Kristan: No, we don’t. But we do have a German Pilsner on tap.
Customer: I’ll take that. I really have a new love for German beers
because of you. I appreciate it.

Customer Comment Card: We just flew in today from Houston, TX. We’re house hunting, staying
at Bond Street Apartments. Our realtor recommended you – and, as with all
her advice, she was right on the money. Great food and a fantastic staff.
One more reason we can’t wait to move to Boise!

Customer: So, we hear that you guys have the best pizza in town.
Kristan: Honestly sir, we are the best place to eat in general here
in town, and to work.
Customer: Oh, really?
Kristan: I wouldn’t have worked here for so long if that wasn’t
the case.
Customer: In that case, I’m glad we stopped in.

The customer’s pizza was ready for pick-up. The wife was in a hurry
and the husband still had a half-full Chimay.

Wife: Come on I wanna go.
Hubby: This is no mere chugging beer.
Shawnzy: You just made a monk smile somewhere.
For more information on Chimay, the unbeatable Belgian ale brewed
by monks, check out the posters by the bar at either store or this Chimay page.

Customer: Do you know what it did for the community to see you guys
close for a week and go to Costa Rica?
Jen: It made you appreciate us more?
Customer: No, it filled the community with good feelings to see
you all be able to do such a great thing!

A dine-in customer ordered a 14” Garlic Chicken with pesto and a
pint of Oatmeal Stout. We chatted about the Costa Rica trip for awhile
and he was in awe.

Him: Seriously, all of you went? That in itself is pretty amazing,
but the fact that you all love each other enough to work and vacation together
is incredible.
Jaime: I never thought of it like that! But yes, we’re special because
we care about each other!
Him: You can tell in the atmosphere and the food.

Email sent to comments@flyingpie.com:
I just read an article about your employee vacation plans and how
long it took to make it happen and I said Wow! The owners of your biz must
be awesome to have such a great relationship with its present and past
employees. Congrats to Flying Pie and have a great vacation! Mitch in Seattle,
20 years in the restaurant biz!

Customer: This is our first time here.
Matt: Really, what made you decide to come here?
Customer: I wanted to see what kind of place would send their employees
to Costa Rica.
Matt: So whaddya think?
Customer: I would like an application.

Customer: Is it true you guys all went to Costa Rica?
Neil: Sure is.
Customer: Wow, I’ve heard of company picnics before, but damn!
Neil: When we do something, we take the time to do it right.
Customer: Must be why the pizza is so good.

Kayce: How did you guys like those whole wheat breadsticks?
Customers: They were awesome!
Kayce: Great! Just so you know, you can order them at anytime. We
usually send out original dough bread sticks, but you can request to have
them made with whole wheat or even sourdough!
Customers: Sourdough! Wow, we’ll try those next time!

Your whole wheat crust is the best thing since… well, ever! My friend
just found out that he is allergic to gluten and he loves Flying Pie! So we
need gluten-free dough! Pleeease!
We haven’t found a gluten-free dough
that meets our quality requirements. However, you are totally welcome to
bring in your own gluten-free dough and we will make you a tasty Flying
Pie pizza on it!

Scott, on the phone with a delivery order: “Would you like a free
goodie bag with plates, forks and napkins so you don’t have to do dishes?”
Customer: Yes! Please!

Chris: One time I ordered a delivery and your driver forgot my six-pack
of Dr. Pepper.
Andy: Oh jeez, I’m sorry that happened.
Chris: Well, then the driver went to the store and came back five
minutes later with a twelve pack. That’s customer service you can’t pay
for and that’s why I always come to you guys.

Pick-up customer on the phone: I’ll take a large combo and an application.
Matt: You can find an application on our website.
Customer: Sweet, I’ll bring it in when I pick up my pizza.
Matt: You might want to take your time filling it out. We go
over the applications with a high level of scrutiny.
Customer: Thanks for the tip.

Lady: If I could do my life over again the only thing I’d change
would be to go back 15 years and work here.
Jaime: Why go back? Applications are on our website!
She blushed, laughed and then said, “I deserve a fun job.”

Customer: Can I buy a Flying Pie patch?
Brett: Of course, do you know where you want to put it?
Customer: Actually, yes. My son has a jacket someone Sharpied something
nasty on. I wanted to put something more positive over it, so he can wear
Brett: Flying Pie is great at making something more positive.

New Customer: So you’re telling me that I can come here every Tuesday
night for all I can eat pizza?!
Nikki: Yup, every Tuesday. It’s all you can enjoy!
Customer: You’re right about that! See you next week.

Mandy: Heart-shaped pizza? Really?
Karl: Yup!
Mandy: Oh my god! That’s so cute! I might just have to change my
dinner plans for Valentine’s Day.
Karl: We make heart shaped pizzas and breadsticks year round! And
we’d love to see you on the 14th.

Customer: What time do you open on Saturdays?
Kristan: We open at 11:00 AM.
Customer: Oh jeez, that’s just not early enough. I guess I might
just do another one of those par-baked ones again. The last time I did
that I froze it and took it back to Colorado with me. I think they checked
my luggage because my pizza looked a little violated. The foil was kind
of messed up. I think it’s funny. I would love to know what the bag checker
was thinking when they opened my luggage.
Kristan: Probably, ‘damn that must be a really good pizza for this
woman to put it in her bag!’
Note: Our pizza jackets work super as checked bags on airlines and
with some ice packs, you can get a long way indeed!

Customer comment card: I just read about the par-baking and how you can send it overnight!
My brother lives in Hawaii and is really hard to get presents for – this
will be perfect for his birthday!

A woman and her daughter were enjoying beverages at the bar while
waiting for a pick-up order. Our It’s Your Day guest, Alaine, had just
gone into the kitchen.

Girl: I missed my day because I came in at the wrong time. Why does
it matter?
Jaime: We want It’s Your Day to be a fun, safe experience. If we
tried to do them during our busiest times, it would be rushed, a little
crowded, and likely a stressful time for our guests. During the times we’ve
designated, we have the opportunity to take our time and make your day,
which is exactly the point of It’s Your Day!
Mom: Exactly! When I made my pie it was so fun! You guys really
know how to make us smile!

It’s Your Day guest Jeremy was washing up with his four-year-old

Jaime: So, how’d you discover your name was on the board?
Jeremy: I actually just pulled over to take a picture of your reader
board that says, “Sometimes you have to leave and come back to know where
home is.” My family and I just moved back from California over the holiday
and we’re not very happy about it. I pulled over to take a picture and
saw my name on the other side!  What a stroke of luck! I knew something
good had to come from moving back here!
Jamie: Welcome home, guys!

The following interaction took place with a top hat-wearer after
reading the It’s Your Day invitation on “Own a Top Hat Day.”

Phil: It looks like I’m going to have to come back at 8:00 tonight.
Matt: Yup.
Phil: I like rule #4. Have you ever had to use it?
Matt: Only once, he promptly adjusted his attitude.
Phil: Good, it amazes me how people don’t want to have fun.
Matt: Sadly, there are people like that. Rule #4 helps to ensure
that they don’t bring it here. It’s what we call Positive Culture.
Phil: Well, bless you guys. I will see you at 8:00.
Note: Rule #4 says, “If you get too serious about any part of it,
we may have to throw you out.”

On Wednesdays we have a twist on the “normal” It’s Your Day game:
we invite a group of people who share a particular skill or experience.
Recently we had a “Do the Splits Day!”

Customer: “Do the Splits Day”, huh?
Anthony: Oh yeah! It’s harder than it sounds!
Customer: Yeah, and more painful than it looks!
Anthony: That’s why it’s It’s Your Day-worthy!

Jaime sat down to chat it up with It’s Your Day guest Leon and his
wife. They gushed about how fun we all are, and how remarkable the Flying
Pie atmospheres are at both stores.

Jaime: We are all about creating a positive culture. Who wants to
eat or work around unhappy people?
Leon: Brilliant. And with that, I’ll take one of those! (He points
at the Free Hugs shirt on display on the wall above them).
I only give
free hugs.
Jaime: You are always welcome to come in for free hugs, whether
or not you’re wearing your Free Hugs shirt.
Leon: We’ll see you real, real soon.

Entry in our journal for first-time customers:
This place is awesome! What a wonderful crew working! The wheat
bread sticks with honey are the best I have ever had. We had slices for
lunch and can’t wait to come back for a whole pie for supper. We moved
to Boise seven weeks ago from South East Kansas. We drive by here several
times a day and have wanted to try it! So glad we finally did! See you
very soon! Shelly.

Note: Our lunch slices are New York-style, thin-crust, giant slices…
our Specialty Pizzas (what we’re most famous for) are on hand-thrown dough
and are very different from the lunch slices. Both are delicious – it just
depends on how much time you’ve got and which style you prefer.

Mary scheduled parties for three kids and told Lesley: We’ve done
parties at a lot of different places. Emily had so much fun here last year
and she talked about it for so long. Buddy was just great and we’ve told
everybody about this. The price is so reasonable and with a big family
like ours, it’s just a really fabulous alternative. This year all the kids
want to have their party at Flying Pie!

Kayce: How was the pizza tour?
Dana: Great, you guys are sooo cool!!
Kayce: Thanks! I have kids too and it seems so expensive to have
a birthday party most places.
Dana: I totally agree! I looked into some and they were upwards
of $300! Yours is so reasonable and the food is such high quality.
Also, Buddy was a really great tour guide!
Kayce: Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

Kristy, on the phone: Hi, I’m calling to see about your birthday
Mark: Do you mean the pizza tours?
Kristy: Yes.
Mark: Okay, what do you know about them so far?
Kristy: I got your flyer and it looks like a lot of fun. We have
15 people, is that too many?
Mark: Not at all.
Kristy: I’d like to schedule one for Saturday.
Mark: Great! Let me get you to the right person.

Jan: Thanks again! Everything was great as usual.
Nikki: No problem! I hope the birthday boy enjoyed himself.
Jan: Oh yeah! We started having birthday parties here for everyone
years ago! It’s one thing we all agree on!

Buddy and Fru were spectacular pizza tour hosts. They were wonderful
with the children and we received many compliments from the other adults
about the quality of everything. I am certain that another child in our
family will want to do this again. Mel and Amy H.

A Flying Pie Pizzaria Haiku:

What’s for dinner Mom?

Awesome Flying Pie pizza.

Always brings a smile.

There once was a pizza so grand…
Peeps came from all over the land.

They grew roly-poly

From eating Stromboli

Flying Pie – let’s give it a hand.

(From a ’96 comment card)

Once upon a Thursday dreary

As I hungered weak and weary,

There came a sight to my sore eye,

The one and only Flying Pie!
My stomach filled, my heart content,

Your talented staff waved as I went!

To Gourmet or not to Gourmet, that is the question;

Whether ‘tis nobler in the minde to suffer

The whims and offers of random pizzas,

Or to take menus against a sea of options,

And by choosing, select one. To feed, to drink;

Again; and by a slice to say we end

The Hunger and enjoy the thousand natural flavors
The Flying Pie is home to – ‘tis a consumption

Devoutly to be wish’d. To Feed, to drink;

To drink, perchance to talk. Ay, there’s the PHOSGO.

Customer: I wish I could have that much fun at work!

Nick: What can I say? It’s a one-of-a-kind job and a two-of-a-kind

Customer: Two-of-a-kind?

Nick: Yup, here and our Fairview store.

Customer: I should have known that.

Diana (pick-up customer) witnesses Nate and Tory dancing to “Don’t
Stop Me Now” by Queen and says, “You guys have too much fun.”

Neil: You’re right. Tory! Less fun!

Tory, playing along says: Yes, boss. (He stops dancing and starts
cheesing the next pizza very solemnly with his head down).

Diana chuckles: Oh, no – I wouldn’t have my pizzas made any other

Neil: You’re right. Tory! More fun!

Tory: Yes, boss! (He resumes dancing while making).

Diana: You guys are great!

Marie: I figured out what your secret is…happiness!

Karl: Thanks, though I’m not so sure we’re secretive about it.

Marie: (Laughs) You’re right! Once you figure it out, you guys are
pretty obvious about it.

A youngster’s perspective on what makes Flying Pie great: I like
a lot of things like the cheese, sauce, pepperoni, and the feather pens.
I also like the soda because you can get it yourself at the time you want
and whenever you want. You don’t have to wait for servers on your drinks
and there is free refills. I think my parents like the beer. I don’t think
that anything is bad, because the people are nice and happy. It is a great

Customer: So what’s with the mustache?

Kristan: Well, I wasn’t having a great day so I decided that if
I did something silly, like draw a mustache on my face, things would get
better, and they actually did!

Customer: That’s a good idea. When I have a tough day I just find
myself here. You guys have a way of cheering me up.

Kristan: That’s a nice thing to say, thank you.

Customer: I like the mustache idea.

Whitney was clearing a table one night and overheard a couple talking.
The woman said, “I know this place is such a slice of heaven when you look
at reality and all you can see out there is so negative! It feels so nice
to be in here away from all that!”

We are an eclectic group. Love everything. Where else can you eat
like royalty, drink like jesters, and bring your five-year-old daughter
dressed in a swimsuit and half sweatshirt in the middle of March… and we
fit in!

Thank you for saving my last frazzled nerve! It’s been a long week
and this mom really appreciates the best pizza in the world and not having
to cook tonight.

No matter the crazy day I’ve had, I come in for a beer and pizza
slice and can’t help but be affected by the positive energy around here.
Thank you.

Always friendly, fun staff!! I think this is commendable since all
humans have daily stuff to deal with even while at work. So someone is
doing something right to select and train the employees. Always enjoyable
for us to come here for dinner after work.

Lunch-time customer: I have never met anyone (family, friends, or
fellow employees at my job) who are as friendly as your crew. God I love
this restaurant. I’m going back tonight for seconds.

Flying Pie is the one and only restaurant that I can say this about:
I ~always~ am in a better mood when I leave than when I arrive.

The excellent pizza cheers me up substantially! Pie atmosphere and
cuisine can usually pick one up from the deepest depths. Also good that,
once divorced, I don’t have to listen to a constant barrage of negative!

This restront is osm! This restront is trific! Everyone is nices!

This was the best experience of my life! I love Flying Pie Pizzaria!!!
I am going to tell all my friends. The service was wonderful and the food
was even better! You should start a pizza chain. It would put Pizza Hut
out of business. Before I came here I was depressed and now I feel like
I’m on top of the world! Thank you Flying Pie Pizzaria!!! Thank you Flying
Pie Pizzaria!!!

Customer, calling Friday afternoon: We are bringing in about fifteen
people to celebrate a birthday party tonight at 6:30. Can I make a reservation?

Anthony: We actually can’t promise available space at that time,
so we don’t accept reservations for Friday or Saturday nights. But you
can come in early and grab a spot. Maybe have some beer while you wait!

Customer: Great idea! We will do that.

Customer: Can I take some menus?

Anthony: Actually, it’s required. You can’t leave without taking
menus to everyone you know!

Customer: It’s a good thing my friends love pizza!

Anthony: Well, now you can share the greatest pie place on Earth!

Customer: That’s what I’m doing!

Andy to a regular customer, Wade: Thanks a lot for coming in; we
really appreciate you guys.

Wade: Oh, no problem. We should be thanking you!
Andy: It’s folks like you that allow us to be successful in difficult
times like these.

Wade: And it’s folks like you that make us want to spend our money
here in difficult times.

Whitney was showing a customer his to-go pizzas when he mentioned
how great our ‘2nd medium or large at ½ off’ deal is because he
was going to give one to a buddy of his who had never had a pizza from
Flying Pie. He said, “I’m going to his house to have an intervention. It’s
just crazy that he’s never had a pizza from you guys!”

We have a journal with helpful tidbits about Flying Pie for first-timers.
When we find out that it’s someone’s first visit to Flying Pie, we share
the journal with them so they can learn about Flying Pie and also write
about their first experience. If you’d like to see it, whether you’re a
first-timer or not, just ask and we’ll gladly share it with you! Here’s
a recent entry from the First-Timer Journal:

Thanks for a wonderful dining experience coupled with some righteously
good ‘za! Yes, we will be back and next time we promise to bring more potential
converts with us.

Another recent entry in our journal for first-time customers:

Wow, complimentary breadsticks were wonderful! This place was highly
recommended by staff at the DoubleTree Inn. So far, so good! (Excellent
beer selection, by the way).  Pizza should be here soon… Outstanding!
Good food, atmosphere and beer! We’ll try to return tomorrow with many
hungry climbers. Please open one in Billings, MT!

Customer: Oh, my God! Best salad bar ever!

Jaime: I know! It’s my favorite in town.

Customer: And my new favorite!

Jaime: Cool, don’t keep it a secret!

Customer: Ok. You won’t run out of chickpeas if I tell the whole

Jaime: Let’s see what happens.

Customer: Hey, I would like to order a meal-sized salad to take home.

Shawnzy: Would you like to make it yourself? We offer that now.

Shawnzy shows the customer the salad options..
Customer: That looks spectacular. I’ll take it… and make it! Ha,

Customer: You guys really do have an awesome salad bar.

Neil: Well, thanks! We keep it unreasonably fresh.

Customer: Yeah, I don’t know of any place that can really compete
as far as the freshness of the veggies.

We believe that keeping our salad bar unreasonably fresh is the
least negotiable part of having a salad bar. We’d rather have 16 delightfully
fresh toppings than 20 mediocre toppings.

Tim called and ordered a 14” half cheese, half pepperoni.

Jaime: And what else?

Tim: Oh, that will be it.

Jaime: Really? You must not know that any second 12” or 14” pizza
is half price!

Tim: Oh. Ooooh. I guess I should change that to two mediums, or
you’ll think I’m stupid.

Jaime: Smart move, Tim. We knew you had it in you!

Customer on the phone: Hey, what are your specials?

Jaime: Great pizza, great beer, and great people!

Him: Well, we knew that! Tell me something I don’t know.

Jaime: Any 2nd medium or large, half off!

Him: Awesome.

Eric wanted to order a large No Vegy Pieway and a small Mesquite

Mandy: You know if you want to get a medium Mesquite Chicken instead,
it’s actually cheaper.

Eric: Really?

Mandy: Yeah, anytime you buy a medium or large pizza, you can get
a second medium or large for half off. It’s less money and more pizza!

Eric: Okay, that sounds like a great idea. We’ll do that.

Kristan brings a 20” party pizza out to a table of 3 adults…

Adult 1: Holy cow that’s huge!  Why did you order such a big

Adult 2: Because, honey, I’ve never seen a pizza that big before,
and I wanted one.

Kristan: So what else can I get you?  Maybe another pizza?
Adult 3: Ha ha ha, no. But soon a box or two!

I am a manager at _______ where you can get three mediums for $15
and I get them for free… any day of the week I would take a Flying Pie
over a cheap one.

We are an eclectic group. Love
everything.  Where else can you eat like royalty, drink like jesters
and bring your five year old daughter dressed in a swimsuit and half sweatshirt
in the middle on March… and we fit in!

Just read about the par-baking
and how you can overnight it places! My brother lives in Hawaii and is
really hard to get presents for – this would be perfect for his birthday!

We just flew in today from Houston,
TX. We’re house hunting, staying at Bond Street Apartments. Our realtor
recommended you – and as with all her advice, she was right on the money.
Great food and a fantastic staff. One more reason we can’t wait to move

Everybody who works here are a
goofball. Emma Jo, 5

If the pie closes one of its shops,
then I will worry about the economy. Until that happens all is good in
the world. Flying Pie is the best.

I have lived in Boise for 19 years
and have never been here. My boyfriend made me come and the first thing
I said when I saw the pizza was “Wow! They actually put toppings on it.”
Thank you!

I was feeling kind of down when
I decided to stop in. This is only the second time I’ve been here and wow!
Great food! Great beer! Great people! What more could you ask for? The
answer is nothing. It is just the pick-me-up I needed. Thanks!

It was Hunter Day today and we
have never been here before… It was AWESOME! Our son made an excellent
pepperoni pizza and you guys were great! Thanks for the good time – we’ll
be back!

My logic study group enjoys the
Flying Pie once a week and the quality of the food and service help to
make the most tedious bits bearable.

I’ve been eating here since I
was four. Now I bring my kids here. My wife is addicted to your great food.
Please continue doing what you do for years to come.

The Good Stuff: Child-friendly
environment, great helpful and kind employees and wonderful food!

I will have to admit, this store
has exceeded my expectations and fully satisfied my stomach.

This was the first restaurant
we ate at when we moved to Idaho. That was a year ago. Finding Flying Pie
was quite reassuring. We like Idaho.

Being that I am pregnant with
super genius twin boys, it is very difficult to find nourishment that is
pleasing/acceptable to all three of us. You have succeeded. When they conquer
the world, you all will be spared and have a place in the new kingdom.

I’ve been eating here since I
was four. Now I bring my kids here. My wife is addicted to your great food.
Please continue doing what you do for years to come.

I am not a big pizza eater, but
you may have changed my mind. Great pizza! Plus the atmosphere and the
people who work here made it a great experience for us. Thanks.

We love this place! We bring everyone
that comes to visit us and they marvel at how lucky we are to have you
in Boise. We know we are lucky!

I loved the music you play and
how you have an open kitchen so we can see it being made because most placed
don’t do that. So to summarize, I love everything! It was my first time
here and I plan to come back.

The best pizza to be found! We
have tried others (rarely) only to reaffirm why we should only buy Flying
Pie. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

The Good Stuff: Boy Scout Camp!
Okay, the pizza is great, but after three days at camp, it’s incredible
(and so was camp).

This was our first time here but
definitely not our last. You can plan on seeing us regularly. Thank you
for making our day superb!

We live in Payette. My friend,
Chris, brought me here my first time. I brought my daughter for her first
time. Then my daughter and I brought two of her friends for their first
time. We LOVE this place! It is sooo worth the drive! We will so be back
with more people for their first times! Esther, from Payette

My family is from North California
and loves pizza. Bit there we don’t have such creative pizza choices. I
come to Boise often and will come here every time. I love the dessert pizzas
and wish they were different every hour. Stay here. Don’t go our of business.

The Good Stuff: Ruth day! Thank
you so much for providing a truly unique, wonderful experience. Everyone
needs their day every now and then!

You were open on the 4th- yeah
you!!! Your staff is awesome! Working on a major federal holiday and remain
so nice, helpful, and accommodating.

First time here! The best pizza
in town. We will drive the 15 miles to eat here. Great bathrooms!

Man, I miss you guys! I’ve been
away in Vegas for over 2 years and I have yet to find a decent slice of
pizza. Coming to “The Pie” was tops on my priority list for the 3 days
I’m in town. I’ll be taking some of you back to Vegas with me! Love you!
Randy B.

Pizza was very good! You have
a great website! We found your place from Reading, PA.

An amazing find for a few Californians
in town for a soccer tournament. Exceeds our hometown “Pinky’s” and we
appreciate the hospitality! Oh, great pizza!

I’ve et pizza in Prague, Sydney,
Jakarta, Santiago, Rome, Stockholm, Tokyo and on it goes… Nothing beats
the Pie.

Your entire staff was tremendous
for our post season baseball party. Thank you for putting up with such
a large group.

That sourdough crust was killer!
And the employees are so friendly!

Fabulous pizza, friendly staff,
accommodating of children, staff remembers regular customers, clean bathrooms,
kids like the mints, great salad bar, eco-friendly (no disposable plates/silverware).

I work at a super busy lunch spot
in Eureka, California and our staff rocks the people like yours! Making
it with energy and having a good time doing it. Makes the food the best
ever! Great job by your staff!

I flew half way around the world
to get Flying Pie! It’s the best in the world! Zayne Wynn, deployed in
Afgahnistan with 1-183rd

I ordered the Garlic Chicken and
did not know it had mushrooms and they went out of their way to make it
right and fix it and make my stay a happy one.

And we thought the best pizza
was in La Mesa, California. Guess we were wrong!

You guys made my day. The guys
who work here are great! Everyone of them!

On the back Crew Leader Reba
wrote: this was Blair, a new employee of FSA who recently moved here from
Portland. He said they got pizzas at Papa Murphy’s one day and the next
time they were ordering he said, “Where’s the best pizza?” They told him
Flying Pie and he is hooked. He had a 10” double pepperoni and 2 bud drafts,
so he still has a bit to learn. :)

When I ask my crew where they
want to eat, they all yell, “Flying Pie!”

Hung out here quite a bit. Love
the atmosphere and in my opinion, nothing goes better with pizza than beer!
Thanks for the good times, will definitely be singing your praises when
I go home to Singapore!

I love Flying Pie I love the pizza.
I wood come here every day if I cood! Im gonna come here for my birthday
in two more Mondays.

Great environment! A real pick-me-up!
Can’t beat it anywhere! Staff is extremely polite! Love the singing! Great
service like no other! A regular place in our dinner outings!

So every time we go out of town,
we try the pizza places that the locals recommend. We are always disappointed.
Flying Pie is one of our top five reasons for not moving out of Boise,
because everybody else’s pizza pretty much stinks.

Everything was awesome! Just like
every time I’ve come here. I’m a Florida native and have never had a better
pie in my life. When my cousin from Chicago comes to visit, I’m gonna show
him what a real pizza is!

It’s all Goooooood! We always
come to The Pie when we’re here for soccer tournaments.

Very warm & friendly staff.
My best American restaurant so far. Excellent service.

This is our first time here, and
our sons (3) loved it. My youngest son, who is autistic, loved you pirate
themed bathroom! I think he spent more time in the BR than at the table!
Thanks for making our first time awesome.

I just stopped in on my way through
town: I figured you were just another pizza joint and I thought your prices
were too high. But then I got the pizza and realized that you guys rock!!!
I will totally come back.

You made a new customer today
with the make-it-your-name day. The variety of your beers is impressive!

Everything was amazing especially
the pizza! I had the best time with my best friend and I will make sure
that we eat here more often! Thanks for the good memory! Love, a fav. customer

I like that the cooks cheer when
you honk the horn and I just like the food it’s the best

For not liking spinach, the Zerto
Magnifico was actually good and the people were friendly and great!

The pizza was awesome! I especially
loved the “Hong Kong” pizza. It was amazing; I’ve never had anything like
it. The people were also super friendly and the service was zippity-quick!

There is a pizzaria in SLC called
“The PI” I told the locals that they were missing out because they didn’t
have a Flying Pie. They insisted that the two restaurants are the same!
I guess if good pizza and bad pizza are the same, then they were right.
But I think not…

Thanks for being who you are and
not who other people think you should be. Great pizza, great people, great

Excellent pizza and breadsticks!
I love the wine and beer selection and the fact that you deliver not only
great pizza, but drinks too! Always good music and great people.

During the holidays, my hubby
and I visited some family in a sad little town with no Flying Pie. We ordered
pizza from an un-named chain. Eagerly anticipating my first bite of what
is my all-time favorite food, I sunk my teeth into a disappointing mediocrity.
An all-around disturbing experience and I now vow to eat exclusively Flying
Pie pizza.

Salad bar is stupendous! Pizza
is very yummy! The crust was nice and crispy! I like seeing the pies fly!
Employees were fun! Décor is so great and unique! Flora the Foil
Ball is fun! Love this atmosphere!

Salad bar is stupendous! Pizza
is very yummy! The crust was nice and crispy! I like seeing the pies fly!
Employees were fun! Décor is so great and unique! Flora the Foil
Ball is fun! Love this atmosphere!

I am Inge and come from Germany!
I love Flying Pie! It is my favorite pizza parlor. It tastes very good!
The cheese and the sauce taste good, the best!

Flying Pie has the best, friendliest,
kindest employees and the best pizza in the whirled, hands-down. If you
don’t eat Flying Pie you aren’t eating pizza. Oh, and did I mention – your
employees are the best! Salads are scrumptious, the beer is divine, pizza
is heaven in the mouth.

Generous portions, fair price,
friendly service, quirky music, these cards to doodle on, the coke was
really fizzy (good mixture)

We came all the way from Seattle
just to eat Flying Pie pizza. Your combo is FABULOUS! You make fantastic
pizzas! We love you!

We wanted a late lunch and drove
to six different places – all closed! Flying Pie never fails! Thanks for
being “very open.”

Well I just bought myself a new
Jetta last night, and the first order of business? Go to the Pie and get
me some pizza and a sweet antenna ball to prove my devotions: the pie and
the Jetta.

You guys should consider advertising
more about the cost comparison to other pizza places. More people need
to know you’re very competitive!

I love the pies. And all the beers.
And the ambience. And the knowledge that there are folks in Boise who know
what good pizza is.

I’m in my happy place when I come
to flying pie pizza! I need my happy place as often as possible. You don’t
know how happy I get with flying pie pizza. Stromboli is the best in the
whole wide world!

The breadsticks were scrumptulescent
and I imagine the pizza will be the too. Okay, the pizza was yummy too!

Everything was perfect for my
hubbie’s 30th surprise party! The whole family says it was great! Thanks
to all for your help and incredible service! I will recommend you to all!!

All employees were friendly and
bubbly. This was my very first time here and it will NOT be my last. Thanks!

Great pizza! (As always!) Brought
my dad tonight for his day (“Larry”). We ere hoping to make a pizza tonight
but didn’t realize that we couldn’t do it unitl 8pm (after the kids’ bedtime).
Did a special order instead which was wonderful!!

This is the best pizza in town
and I’ll tell everyone I know. Great atmosphere!

I love the pies. And all the beers.
And the ambience. And the knowledge that there are folks in Boise who know
what good pizza is.

The pizza & the breadsticks
and the people. I love it here! I come here every time I go to Boise. I
wish I lived closer so I could work here.

We took pizza back to Oregon two
weeks ago to show off- a 5 pack of pleasure that proved Flying Pie IS the
world’s best. Tonight we have the whole family together except Dad, who
is in the ICU at St. Luke’s – we came to celebrate the best news yet on
his recovery! Thanks for helping us celebrate.

Your pizzas are great! Good atmosphere!
It can’t be better!! I’ll return, if I come to Boise again.

The pizza is a beautiful expression
of passion, longevity, and diversity. The taste screams out to the world
like a bird welcoming spring. The service is intriguing as there are so
many different souls at work, the unity which not only bonds customers
with pizza, but customer with employee is lovely. I stare into your salad

Found this place on the internet.
Had some good ratings so thought I would check it out for myself. Wow,
can’t believe I am in Idaho and eating at the Flying Pie Pizzaria! Lori
was terrific! Pizza is amazing and worth the effort to find!

Son-in-law paid

Daughter got the salad
Wife did not complain

All meat – awesome

Better than anything in Iowa.

Excellent staff – friendly but
left in plenty of humor and fun. Wow! Your pizza is to die for – the Garlic
Chicken Pizza! I am still drooling with pleasure.

I’ve been waiting all year for
my name to come up! Finally the day before I move to China, wow! My name!
I am so happy! I love your pizza and your mermaid bathroom!

I like the flavor and the cheese
and the crust. I like the people who work here because they are so nice
and I like that I can come here with my family. It’s great to be here!!
We had a good time.

I have been to Libya, Greece,
Turkey, Spain, England, Italy, and Mexico, also about 30 states in the
U.S., and Flying Pie is above all pizza I have had. Locally when someone
asks what is the best pizza in town?” I say, “Flying Pie” and they say,
“Oh, yeah!”

Congrats on winning the best family
restaurant and the best pizza in 2005!

Flying Pie helps to heal a broken
heart. Choose ham over Sam!

Captured by Reba:

Customer: I was at the Balcony
last night and had a pizza I just have to have again. It had spinach on

I hooked him up with a small
Zerto Magnifico and later asked him how it was.

Customer: It’s as good as it
was last night- it lost nothing in the trip downtown to the Balcony. I
just happened to be walking by last night and saw the pizzas going in and
followed the food!”

Captured by Justin K:

Tonight Ron, from Santa Cruz,
came in with his wife. He was super impressed with us- he said we remind
him of a place that is nor more called Gay 90’s in Santa Cruz. He said
we really put the fun back into his vacation and it really lightened him
up since he just found out he might have Parkinson’s Disease.

Captured by Terra:

In regards to Old Chicago winning
Best Beer Selection in the Best of Boise survey, a guy ordering one of
our tasty beers said, “They may have quantity, but you guys have quality!”

Captured by Ivy:
One of our regulars brought in
his family and a family from New Orleans. He said the travelers were probably
going to be moving here and he wanted to show them “the best pizza in Boise.”
Before they left, he said that he had made “pizza converts” of the New
Orleans folks. Then they honked the horn.

Captured by Mark: Asia brought
her 3 kids over from the Salvation Army and asked to use our restroom.
I said, “Of course!” On their way out, Asia stopped and said, “It just
smells too good in here, I must order a pizza!” She got a 10” pizza and
a soda and we chatted some about movies.

Capture by Kristan:

New delivery customer: “Are you
serious you deliver beer?”

Kristan: “We sure do!”

Customer: “I love you guys.”

Kristan: “We love you too!”

Customer: I had a couple of slices
at a buddy’s house and had to order some for myself. Are you really serious
you deliver beer?”

Kristan: “Yes, we do.”
Customer: “Can I get…. What do
you have?”

Kristan: “What do you want?”

Customer: “Do you have Sierra

Kristan: “Yup!”

Customer: “I’m never leaving
my house.”

Captured by Nick M:

“Everything from the phone call
to the pizza to the fact that you were 20 minutes early – it was fabulous!
I’m from Boston and I know pizza. You guys are the best!”   (Delivery
customer at the Shilo Inn)

Captured by Mark: Vicki came in
because she saw our sign. She was having a bad day until she saw it was
her day today. She brought her teenage son and his girlfriend, who kept
saying, “I should have brought my camera!” I took Vicki back and get her
a hat and did the IYD myself. I did get a victory picture of her and her
pizza and I printed it out for her. She had a ball, and when I brought
out her pizza I was met with a big hug from Vicki. It was my first IYD

Captured by Justin K: On her way
to honk the horn, the girl yelled out, “That’s the best pizza I’ve had
in a long time!”

Captured by Justin K: A man at
the bar said, “I brought my dad from New York in here and he said he gets
better pizza here than what he finds in New York!”

I must tell you – I’m a New Yorker
and when I moved to Boise I was homesick. However, the first thing (kid
you not) that made me love Boise was the exclamation point (!) after the
word ‘Library!’ Thank you.

I love you pizza! One time my
dad made me drive all the way to Mountain Home just because he was craving
a Flying Pie!

We got the No Vegy Pieway and
the Zerto Magnifico. Wow! Yumm! Our compliments on two of the best pizzas
we’ve ever had. Great job on the toppings, cooked perfectly, and presented
with flair.

Been coming here since high school
– we’re 44 and still eating here. You have been feeding us though our dating
years and today when we are the parents of our teenagers. Life keeps changing
for us but your pizza stays the same -  great!!

First time at the Flying Pie!
Yum! New to town but definitely coming back for more “Good Stuff.”

I just visited my friend who’s
in St. Al’s – nasty, complicated neck surgery. As I was leaving he asked
if I was going to eat soon. I said, “I think I’ll go over to the Flying
Pie!” It made him sad – he’d love to be here. I should have lied, but too
late. I was feeling bad for my friend until I walked in. Hey- he can enjoy
my visit vicariously, right?

I tried you pepperoni pizza and
it rox! I could tell it was gonna be good by the smell wafting in from
the doorway. I also love the “coffee and Marge” fountain. Breadsticks are
awesome too.

I made my Dad drive all the way
from Emmett to eat here at Flying Pie!

I got my driver’s permit and drove
straight here for delicious pizza!

Flying Pie is the best place ever.
I always bring friends here for a special lunch out. Yeah!

This is my second time being here
and it just gets better and better! The pizza is the best!

A group of us were at a Mexican
restaurant across and down the street from Flying Pie last week for the
lunch time buffet. In one of our discussions several people commented how
good the pizza is at Flying Pie, and how they enjoy taking the family there.

The amazing people and breadsticks!
The awesome people who work here. The atmosphere is comfortable and we
always feel welcome.

We are moving to Boise from Vermont.
At first I was filled with the blackest despair, but your pizza place has
restored my will to love. Boise is a good place. Boise is a place where
people like us can live. Thanks for bringing us all the shining light of

We love Flying Pie pizza so much
that we visit every week! The staff is the best! Friendly awesome people!

Haven’t been to Idaho since I
moved to California 16 years ago, and it’s nice to see that this place
hasn’t changed. It was our first stop, coming into town.

We came last weekend all the way
from Mountain Home only to find everyone was on a rafting trip! We were
so determined to try this place, we came back! We were not disappointed!
The pizza was awesome, some of the best we’ve ever had, and the staff was
fun and friendly. Definitely worth the boring trip from Mountain Home.

The large by-the-slice Frommage
A Trios was the best cheese pizza I’ve ever had. You guys made it perfect!
Y’all have a great chief. The food was pizzalicious! Thanks!

We moved to the neighborhood in
1985, moved to Portland in 1992, moved back here in ’96, then to Homedale
in ’98 and today we “came home.” We love your pizza!

Always awesome! Got some new-to-the-area
people and told them you’re the best. So far their favorites were chain
stores- the horror of it! Soon they will learn…

I picked here to eat on my birthday
out of all the restaurants between Meridian and Boise. This place is awesome!
And your bathrooms are really cool. Your pizza is a great birthday present!

I went online to check Alaska
Airlines flights and they had Flying Pie listed as one of the best places
to eat in Boise. I have been here before so I knew it was true!

We came all the way from San Francisco
just for your pizza. We found you guys in the Idaho HandBook (Moon Press)–
the best place in Idaho to get great pizza. They recommended the Zambini
pizza so that’s what we want to try. We even asked the guys at the hotel
and he concurred saying, “Yeah, you have to go to Flying Pie” and then
he gave us directions!

I was going to call to see what
beers you have on tap, but I decided to just come in. You always have something
good on tap!

Flying Pie is the only pizza.
Anything else is a cardboard illusion. If you do not go to Flying pie cut
around this circle and enjoy the others’ pizza.

Hey guys- we’re here from Texas
and we have to be back by Monday at 7am. We’ve driven 9 hours today and
have many more to go before we sleep. I wish my eyes would open wide enough
to take this all in- it sure seems super! Maybe I’m dreaming. Best pizza
ever. Better bathroom.

We just moved here from Vancouver,
WA and there was no place that would make an extra thin crust. We are so
excited to find this place- crust so thin you need a magnifying glass!
Lori rocks!

I have been all over the world!
This place is the best pizza of all! Including Italy’s pizza & Chicago’s
pizza! I loooove your juicy meatballs & pepperoni, fresh toppings &
fresh baked dough! And the breadstix, ooh, where do I start!? Delish!

I love the pezza  the best
cind is canada bacan and pinappel and I love the games!

I love you all! The people who
work here are so friendly and it’s a pleasure to be here! The pizza is
fabulous of course, but the atmosphere, music, cool Spock poster makes
everything awesome. I love Flying Pie!

The Good Stuff: Chimay on tap,
lots of beer, friendly staff, nice atmosphere, delicious pizza, excellent
crust, fresh ingredients, yum! Great place to discover on a road trip back
home to Texas.

I love the Magic 8 ball, I love
the cheese pizza, I love the bathroom, I love the people who work here!
(Adrian, age 6)

My dad just came home from Japan
and we had to come here right away!

This is my first visit here but
my nephew says it’s the best pizza in Boise!

I have had pizza in Ohio, California,
Utah, Oregon, and Idaho and nobody has better pizza than you!

The good stuff is that you guys
have a little arcade games. And the tables look great. And the food is
fantastic! And the bathrooms are super cool!

First visit to Flying Pie Pizzaria-
all the way from England! Very good! T You

Great variety of toppings! We
always visit when in Boise to see our kids. Please add us to you Flying
Pie fan club! We live in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

For a first timer at the Flying
Pie it was a Delicious Meal! One of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten! The
bountiful fresh toppings and the gooey cheese yet crispy crust was quite
a treat for the taste buds.

Goodness gracious! That was a
damn fine slice o’ pep! Perfectly cooked crust and a lovely medley of cheeses!

The pizza is awesome! It’s better
than a home cooked meal! I came from California and I had to come here
to eat. I found you on the internet.

I think that it is really cool,
the name day thing. I am 38 years old and it was a blast to be able to
make my own pizza. I most likely will her here a lot more! The pirate bathroom
is cool too!

The pizza, the salad, the refills,
the music, the service, the video games, the crust, the company, the booth,
the mints, the location & loads of other stuff.

The complimentary breadsticks
are really good. I really enjoyed the environment/atmosphere. This was
our first time here and we will definitely be back!

My first visit= great food, great
people, great music, great company (my family) Thank you for a great evening!

It’s cool to watch you teach my
Ethan how to toss a pizza in the air. Now there’s a skill that the coolest
people in the world probably have! This is just a fun place to be; it’s
like it’s just assumed that when I walk in the door, I’m going to have

The grandparents live in Salt
Lake City, so rather than flying down there we drive.Mainly to spend the
night in Boise so we can eat here! It makes the 9-hour drive bearable!
Kassidy, Auburn, WA

The crust baked to perfection,
the savory red pizza sauce, the delicious fresh meats, the incredible fresh
tasting vegetables. We have lived in Idaho for 40 years and Flying Pie
has always been and always will be the best #1 pizza joint.

Your pizza makes my day brighter!
Yum Yum! Thank You!

Spinning dough, honking the horn.
I like the bathroom. I like the pizza! (Grace, 5)

Your house dressing is my favorite!
Flying Pie has become a staple in the house! Yum!

I got a bike today that my daddy
bought me and I got sooo hungry so I went to the best place in Boise.

This is my first visit and it
was My Day! My first impression was the music going, which sets a wonderful
fun environment. All the employees seem to be very friendly! The pizza
is awesome, especially since I was the creator of the masterpiece (with
help from the fun staff!)

We won the championship and ate
at Flying Pie the same day!!!

We come from Carson City, NV every
spring for your wonderful pizza, and especially for your real friendly
staff & your really funky place. You guys rock!

The Denver was amazing! My new
favorite, Dad even approved!

I’ve been a nurse for 25 years.
It never ceases to amaze me how my aides always smile whenever they get
Flying Pie pizza.

The Good Stuff: Great quality
food at reasonable prices. Listening to your customer’s feedback and making
changes to continually improve your product. Free breadsticks! Hometown
atmosphere and the bathroom remodel.

It was my day today and the staff
was very courteous and helpful. The pizza that I made was the best pizza
I have ever had! Thanks Flying Pie!

My cousin knew about your great
pizza so I got to come here! (I am an airline attendant with America West).

The crew is always super great
and friendly! When asked if we were staying to eat or going, I thought,
why leave? Great people, great atmosphere, great music, great food, great
beer, great service, great place to eat!

Awesome pizza! I asked for pizza
without cheese and the gentleman didn’t bat an eye and was very helpful!
Every employee of yours is very happy for some reason! Great music, great
people, great food. We will be back!

Peg: I delivered a pizza to Rob;
when I handed him the pizza he got a dreamy look on his face and said,
“Ahh- we’ve been on vacation and there’s nothing like coming home and relying
on Flying Pie.” That just goes to show that making repeatedly excellent
pizzas really does make our customers loyal!

I love that I can have a Belgian
beer while eating here. Fine cuisine demands fine drinks!

Nice staff! Easy going without
the “gotta prove it” attitude. Pie was good- flavorful and with a satisfyingly
stinky garlic breath result. Entertaining for the kids as well- great games.

The bathrooms were a hit with
the family. :) 5 pizza deal is an awesome, filling way to feed a crowd!

We’re formerly of Honeoye Lake,
New York-  we moved here after eating Flying Pie pizza! There’s nothing
like it in all of NY state! Truthfully, we love Flying Pie pizza better
than any other pizza in Idaho.

The Zambini is one of the most
original and delicious combos possible for a pizza.

Captured by Amanda: A: Were your
slices as good as you had hoped?  Customer: Oh God, they were just
great. I love Guido’s, but I love Flying Pie just a little bit more.

Captured by Mario: Lesley encouraged
a man sampling beers to try the Beir D Mars and he said that he recognized
the handle from our website. He said he goes to our site before he comes

Captured by Reba: One customer
said about the Zambini: the pizza is powerful; it’s spicy, but all the
flavors complement each other and mix together well. Ever time we come
here we get a sophisticated pizza.

Captured by Jaime:

A woman ordered a Fabulous Five
Pack for delivery and said that she made her kids do extra chores today
to earn Flying Pie Pizza.

This is the best pizza ever! And
I’m not just saying that because Becky’s my sister! I love the crust and
the excellent toppings!

Everything was wonderful! We are
from St. Louis, Illinois and we will be back next time!

Well the horn is the best because
who honks it and it makes them proud.

We flew in from Indiana to visit
our son and his girlfriend for Christmas and they said that this was a
MUST to visit you. This was a great Christmas Eve and your pizza was the
best! I loved your crew-they were so much fun!

I got up at 3:30am so that I could
hit the road by 5am, leave Pineville, Oregon and drive 6 hours so I could
be here in time for Friday Pie Day with the VW club at Flying Pie. I love
you guys!

Friendly, caring staff! Great
service, excellent staff, superb salads, very relaxed atmosphere, clean
bathrooms, and beautiful tunes.








Everything’s wonderful!

Confession: We went to a pizza
“smokey” parlor (because it was closer and we were tired!!) and the pizza
was cold in the middle (not oozing steamy stringy cheese!) We complained
and the manager gave us grief! Can you imagine it! We never get treated
like that here! Love ya and sorry for our unloyaless! Never again!

We just moved to Boise from Portland.
Wow! The breadsticks were awesome, the pizza was great and the price? Way
affordable! Thanks for our new spot!

The food was fabulous. The service
was a five star. Keep up the good work. The atmosphere was very welcoming
and down home. NOT like a franchise.

My first experience at Flying
Pie was to make the free pizza, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. You guys
are so fun and friendly, I felt very comfortable making a fool of myself
with the dough in the air thing. Thanks to everyone, especially Jaime!

I couldn’t think of any better
pizza! Flying Pie is the best pizza in Boise! Out of all the pizza places
I’ve been to, I have never had such good pizza!

Can I get a ‘Hell Yeah’?? My wife
and I came in to grub on some breadsticks because they rock! And they were
free because we wanted to sit in the restaurant. You guys rule!

The complimentary breadsticks
are wonderful. Your pizza is to die for. I can’t wait to share my experience
with my family when they come to visit from Arizona. Thank you for everything.

Our daughter chose this restaurant
over any other when asked where she wanted to eat dinner for her 3rd birthday.
She said she wanted to eat pizza at the place with the horn.

Wow that was so good it made my
mouth go out and my lips all jucsey. It is very stemy and soft this pizza
is very tasteful.

Thanks! We had 6 birthdays to
celebrate and you took care of us! Thank you!

Our daughter chose Flying Pie
over any other place when asked where she wanted to eat dinner for her
3rd birthday (today). She said she wanted to eat at “the pizza place with
the horn.”

You guys freakin rock! Fairview
was hella busy and I didn’t want to add to the stree overload so I came
over here to State as a last chance to get my awesomely kick-ace cheesy
pizza. Well, State looked about as busy as Fairview, but when I talked
to Jenna she made sure to let me know it would be no problem! You guys
rock! Thanx so much!

Why doesn’t Pennsylvania have
pizza places like this? I’m going home and telling everyone to come here
if they are ever in Boise! Keep up the phenomenal work!

It’s Friday August 20 and I’m
getting married in 8 days, I’m with my buddies. We’re hungry, ¦where
does the bachelor want to eat dinner? Flying Pie, of course!

I’ve been in Boise for 4 weeks
now. A co-worker tells me that I have to eat at the Flying Pie. Well it’s
obvious that I took his advice. Good People + Great Food = Customer for
Life! Thank you, former Californian.

Star light, Star Bright

All the stars are out tonight

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have some Flying Pie pizza tonight!

The only pizza I’ve had that compares
to yours is a hoppin’ place in Berkely California called Zachery’s Pizza.
You have encouraged a culture of unique excellence.

Flying Pie pizza rocks! Not only
is the pizza RAD, but the music and atmosphere is kick-back and relaxed.
After gorging ourselves at Gourmet Night we will be returning ever faithfully
to the Flying Pie and boy does that Fabulous Five Pack sound cool!

I travel across this incredible
country of ours as a Southwest Airlines flight attendant, but I have yet
to taste pizza as DELICIOUS and PERFECT as right here in my hometown! Flying
Pie always makes me and my family happy.

Good service, people are nice.
Pizza and breadsticks are exquisite! It’s easy how you can get up and get
your own drinks.

Cheap, tasty, A lot of it and
its comphy.

I’m from Nashville, TN and we
asked the locals where to get good eats and they said, “The Flying Pie.”

My daughter and I first tasted
your pizza at the food fair and we both thought it was at the top of the
list of the things we sampled.  Thanks for an Italian pie!  Your
home brew is great!  I’m not really a beer drinker and I loved it!

When I go here (Idaho) I come
here to eat and you always have the best pizza!

Zerto Magnifico

Sam I Am


Pesto Primavera

The best place for vegetarian

We lived in Idaho 2 years ago.
We have done lots of traveling since and before coming to Boise, and in
all the states that we have been to (a lot) and all the provinces we have
been to (a lot) never have we found a better pizza place. We now live in
Canmore, Alberta Canada and what do you know?  As beautiful as it
Canmore (near Banff) is, a Flying Pie would make it the perfect place to

I have never eaten here before
we stopped by because it was my girl, Heather’s day to make a free pizza
and the whole experience rocked!  We had so much fun watching her
make her pizza and your employees were awesome and helpful, very courteous!


Plus, the pizza is the best I’ve ever had,  thank you!

So, about three years ago I got
this cute little tattoo on the top of my foot.  The tattoo is a small
flower with 2 leaves.  Most people who see it from a distance of more
than 2 feet away say, Is that the Flying Pie?  I just smile and nod

I was just telling someone about
the best pizza I ever remember & we thought we’d see if you had a web
site. I lived in Boise 20 years ago. I have never found a better pizza
than Flying Pie.

You made it just for me!


Great!  Dawson, age 3.

Thanks so much for having a ‘Jeanette’
day!  We enjoyed our pizza and we’ll be back!!

It is great just to be back in
Boise and to be able to order Flying Pie pizza!  No competition for
pizza quality anywhere in the US.

Flying Pie, Flying Pie, why do
you taunt me so?  I swear, I try to eat it slow, but it all just seems
to go!

The women’s bathroom was awesome!


I believe it’s the first public restroom I wasn’t afraid to use!

The bathrooms are the coolest
things I’ve seen in a long time!  They were so cool I momentarily
forgot about my pizza!

It was my first time, everybody
says It’s so good!  But I just had to find out for myself.  I
saw him pull it out and it was piping hot!  I squirmed with excitement
as he came toward me.  It was my first taste, but defiantly not my
last!  Thanks you so much for the pleasure.  I feel like I need
a smoke now.

Fabulous!  I made my own
pizza and it was way exciting!  It’s a great thing to do especially
for kids.  A bit of Mr. Rogers How to make a pizza episode.
Way cool!  Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

This place is pizza HAPPINESS!

Pizza, free bread sticks, music
& your employees are very polite and helpful!

We had a wonderful lunch in a
wonderful place on a beautiful day!

Everything!!!  When I’m older
it will bring back memories.

Great Salad bar!  I love
the pine nuts, spinach, and feta cheese!

$2.12 for pizza and breadsticks?!?
Can’t get any better!

The pizza, the atmosphere and
the ever changing beer selection!

Hunter loves this place! And he’s
a tough kid to please!

The salad fixin’s were awesome!
I think it was the feta cheese!

The free breadsticks, pizza, good
times with friend, Jody.  Awesome beer!  More great pizza, bonding,
learning, and laughs!  Thanks 4 a great time!

Dear Flying Pie, I just moved
back to Boise after 15 years.  One of the joys in coming home has
been to take my Oklahoma-born husband on many Idaho adventures.  Of
course I had to bring him to Flying Pie for a Contest Combo!  He loved
it and tonight we are back for more!  Thank you, Flying Pie for being
just as excellent as I remember.  And please, don’t ever take Idaho
for granted.  It’s a fantastic place to live and eat!

Thanks for letting me make pizza
with you guys!  It was great!  The quality of your product is
unbelievable!  Love Susanna

My name is Sabir Qasimi.
I am from Afghanistan.  This is my first pizza.  Really it is
very good.  When I find girlfriend I come here.  Because very
good pizza.

I am Zamzam Hoji.  I am from
Somalia.  I like pizza.  This is my first pizza.  Thanks
for pizza. Thanks, see you later.  Thanks, good bye!

Wonderful staff.  Flying
Pie gets a gold star in the Benter family’s book.  The best pizza
and most satisfying meal I’ve had in a log time.  Flying Pie Pizzaria
will be visited by the benter family for generations to come.  Delicious

Fresh salad bar.  Drinks
to please everyone.  The very best pizza.  Very friendly people
to serve you.  Great way to ring in the coming New Year.  Happy
holidays everyone!  Thank you for letting us hang out.

Great food. Fills you up in one
piece.  So many topping on one piece.

I used to think plain cheese pizza
was a travesty until I tried Fromage a Trois.  It’s my favorite, especially
with sausage, pepperoni, olives, ham, onions, mushrooms, green pepper,
and linguica.  Yum!

Good beer.  Great pizza.
I’ve brought friends and family from across the world just to bring them
to Flying Pie.  It’s surreally sublime.  Thanks again.

New wall, good idea.

Excellent pizza. Good beer. Friendly

This is my very first visit here
at Flying Pie, and the customer service was great.  Garlic and chicken
pizza was delicious.   I’ve never had a pizza so good!
I didn’t believe when I was told this was the greatest.  Now I’m a

These ten lines are hardly enough,
but I never spend my money on any other food besides the Flying Pie and
a nice frosty pitcher of your bodacious brew.


Nice= Staff

Yeah! =The feeling I get

Mmm! =The beer selection

For one hour I am very far from
work or thinking about work.

Flying Pie you have great pizza.
I love it here.   I’m glad I heard about you.

Lived in Dallas eight years.
Tried Pizzeria Undo.  Supposed to be one of the ten best pizza places
in the US- Nothing compared to Flying Pie.  Don’t let up, don’t ever

Caffina is spilling coffee. I
like watching you throw up the pizza.  I like looking at the other
people’s art.  I like being able to get my pop myself.  I like
the building.  I love eating pizza with my family.

Came to live to US from Guatemala.
I loved my country’s pizza made with the best ingredients.  Finally
I find it here.  The taste is the best.  Tomato sauce, Yum!



Bad Stuff: What are you talking
about?  This place is pizza heaven. Gotta love it.

We were lured in from next door.
The smell was so delicious we had to come in and eat!

The pizza was the best ever, service
was exemplary and the complimentary breadsticks were wonderful!

The food!  Not to mention
what other places do you get to draw a picture and get it hung up on a

I just got my favorite Flying
Pie pizza and my team just won a football game!  I won $70 and found
a DVD player!  I’m growing a mustache, which means I’m a grown up,
and my birthday is in 15 days!

Down to Earth people, down to
Earth pizza, and a hell of a beer selection!  I love this place!
I’m sorry; I have something in my eye.  The beer selection made me
cry, although, they were tears of joy!

There was a plethora of flavors!
I love your roasted garlic pizza and the lemon chicken pizza!!
This was my best birthday yet!!

We had never tried the low-fat
veggie.  With my wife on weight-watchers it was the perfect selection.


The taste was incredible and well worth the price!

Today is the day my son Christopher
gets to make a pizza.  You mad it his day!  You have the best
pizza and breadsticks in the world!!!  You also have the best beer
in town.  Famboise Lambic is the best ever!!!!!!

Visiting from So Cal and you can’t
find better pizza than Boise Flying Pie!

The Flying Dough!

The Friendly Dough!
The great pizza!

Thank you!

I don’t remember any other meal
before today because Flying Pie made me forget.

We are visiting from upstate New
York.  All we heard about was Flying Pie pizza.  Well, the pizza
was “AWESOME”!!  The Samoan was my favorite!  Thank you!

I just want to know that I moved
away from Boise—to Pennsylvania—and I miss Flying Pie!  Despite the
amazing number of pizza places this far east, none has even come close.


Not one has approached the varieties, crusts, and freewheeling creativity
and goodwill of Flying Pie.

Excellent salad bar and helpful

The Vegetarian pizza in the gourmet
night – It had zucchini, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, onions, red bell peppers,
olives, and garlic.  The best pizza I’ve ever had!

Free bread sticks!  The wire
you put the orders on (I love that)!  Great pizza!  Fun drawings!
Good Music!  Fun atmosphere!  I could go on, but my pizza’s here!

This pizza is so yummy!
I saved all of my Weight Watchers points to eat this pizza.  It was
so worth it!

Echo Base, this is Rogue 2.
I’ve found Pizza Island.  Luke and Han are there and I’m joining them!

I forgot how much I liked the
atmosphere and pizza.  When I moved to Boise in 1984 Flying Pie was
where we went to eat pizza.  Kids and marriage put it on the back
burner, but it’s back.!

Wow!  Micas birthday at Flying
Pie!!!  What could be better?!

Came in for ‘Roger’ night.
Thanks for my 15 minutes of fame.  Jamie was an excellent and patient
guide, tutor, and mentor.  Carly ever attentive kept my glass filled.
Family enjoyed my pizza the Zappis and salads thanks for the evening.

Pizza nerds rejoice; there is
a Mecca!

Great breadsticks!  What
an awesome idea to make them complimentary!  The Pizza rocked!
It spun me in my own universe!!!

Great crust!  Great Sauce!
Great toppings!  Great staff!  Everyday is a great day at the
flying Pie Pizzaria!

Thanks for letting me make my
own pizza!  Thank you for having Alfredo sauce.  Tracy is an
excellent Y-ball ref!

Two years ago I filled out a comment
card raving about your Triple Pie ale and bread sticks.  It got published
in the Boise Weekly and two months later I was hired by them to write restaurant
review!  Coincidence?  I think not!  Happy 25th anniversary,
Flying Pie!

We just ate a Habanero Pie 5 glasses
of H20 later and our mouths are still on fire!  I love it!  This
is by far the best pizza experience I’ve ever had!!!

Awesome pizza, good beer list,
and super nice people!

I love your pizza!  My favorite
part is when the pizza flies!

Atkin’s diet be damned! I want
my Flying Pie!  A life without carbohydrates is a life not worth living!!!
Congratulations on 25 years of memorable pies.  I hope to be around
to help celebrate your 50th.  I really love you guys’ Sorry, beer
makes me emotional.

Where were you when the lights
went out?  We were at the Flying Pie on Fairveiw.  We waited
out a ½ hour power outage because the pizza was worth waiting for.


Your staff lit candles and worked feverishly all throughout the power outage.
We were given manager cards for complimentary pizza and a free beer!
The outage, thank God, did not affect the beer taps.  I can’t think
of a finer establishment to be stuck in during a power outage than Flying
Pie.  Hats off to your professional staff.  Bravo!

It was all good!  Except
for the giant hairy Sasquatch that came running in and stole the pizza
off our table and continued to do the hokey pokey and turn himself about.
Other then that it was all good!

The pizza was great!  The
employees were very friendly and polite.  I will definitely be back!

The pizza was excellent!
The salad and breadsticks were also great.  Kevbo is a hottie!

Very helpful staff. Showed me
the beers in addition to taking my pizza order.  I bought a growler
with my pizza.  Thanks!

Suggestion for Tuesday night-
The Anti Pasta Misto Pizza:  Pesto sauce, crumbled feta cheese, smoked
oysters, marinated artichoke hearts, mushrooms, green olives, sun dried
tomatoes, chopped roasted  red peppers!  Yum!

Shower fresh good, new shoe good,
fresh bread good, crisp salad good, bubbly soda good, summer break good,
new boyfriend good, blossomed flower good, warm breeze good, first pay
check good, funny movie good, and all other things that make you smile.

Unwinding after a hellacious week
at camp, all of us camp counselors? love the great food and proper nutrition
that can be achieved here and we can

afford it on our salary!?

The best pizza I’ve had in ten
years! (The last time I was here.)  You guys have maintained a great
tradition.  Keep it up!!

3 people from outta state and
outta Boise have been visiting my friend and we brought them all here.
It’s a must when visiting Boise.  Like breathing.

The cheese burger pizza was incredibly
good- as with the jalapeño.  Maybe I will start coming here
on a weekly basis.  Thanks for the great food and service.

The worlds best pizza!  Saw
an article in the Spokane paper this week about Flying Pie.  You rock!!!
Very good review for out of town!

We have lived in Boise almost
2 yrs.  The very best thing is Flying Pie!!  My boys, 7 and 10,
love it too!

The Death by Garlic is da bomb!
I love garlic and blue cheese!

I never would have thought that
a brief visit to Idaho would make me fall in love with pizza all over again.
It’s Tuesday so I’ve been able to sample quite a slew of styles.
All different yet all quite incredible.  Wow!  The pizza along
with the wonderfully extensive beer selection have almost made my across
the country completely worth while.  Thanks.

Everything!  Being from Wisconsin,
we have nothing like this back home.  The ingredients you use and
authentic, the pizza tastes great and the people that work here are so
friendly thanks for the experience!  Happy 25th!

Our kids (ages 3 and 6) used to
have the frozen pizza we would give them for dinner.  (Used too!)
Now ever since we brought them here, they now know what REAL PIZZA tastes

Now the Tony’s or Red Barron are
shunned at the table.  They demand the No Veggie Pieway.

As Always the few times we get
to visit from New York City, we come into Flying Pie for pizza!  How
fortunate on the weekend of my 20th high school reunion, the Pie is celebrating
25 years.  Holy Moly!  Yay!

The Triple Pie beer is awesome.
I usually like dark beer, but this stuff could make me convert!

Thanks, keep up the good stuff.

Smells good as soon as you walk
in- great music- good service.  We came all the way from Iowa looking
for a comparable match to our all time favorite pizza.  I think we
found it!

I’ve been successful in love,
marriage, and work, but until I sunk my teeth into a Flying Pie I had never
really lived.  Flying Pie, you had me at hello.  You complete

We’ve been on a 4 week road trip
from Indiana, and we’ve stopped at just about every small diner and pizza
stop along the way.  We just ate a habeñero pie.  Five
glasses of water later and our mouths are still on fire.  I love it!
This is by far the best pizza experience I’ve ever had.

-3rd visit to Flying Pie.

-Our first gourmet night.

-Triple Pie Ale is great.


We took a growler of it home to Las Vegas with us.

-Love your website.  We check
it often and keep up the outstanding service!!!

Service! Service! Service!
Your service kicked more ass then a Monsters of Rock Concert with Metallica
headlining.  Great job!  Also your beer selection was amazing!
Ever consider opening a store in Pittsburg, PA?  We could use a pizza
shop with a sense of style.

There were three of us one from
Washington, California, and Ohio, and we all meet together at the Flying
Pie Pizzaria because we loved the name.  And, Tyler Walker is impressive
with his Flying Pie Pizza throwing skills and your crew is helpful in making
the right pizza selection.  Thanks for making our reunion enjoyable!

My husband just got a new job
so we came to Flying Pie to celebrate with gourmet night and Triple Pie
Ale!  What a great time we had!  There was even Gyro pizza!
Our favorite!

Looking at your website made me
call and order a garlic chicken pizza. Damn you guys! How can a website
make me drool like this?

Tuesday Tester Night!  Great
music, awesome employees, always fun here!!!  I’m a huge fan of Pying.

The Tuna was perfect!!  MEOW,

You saved the day!  There
is no where else I would take 8 teens of different ages and feel comfortable!
You are truly, once again, a life saver!

Great draft Salvator!  Love
the German and Belgian beer selection!  Thanks for serving wine with
pizza for my wife.  This place is THE DESTINATION for pizza in the
western hemisphere!

You guys ROCK!!  On 05.30.03
I ordered a pizza for delivery from you guys.  But after working two
jobs and being up for almost two days I had fallen asleep before my pie
had arrived.  When I awoke, your awesome staff cooked me a fresh pie
and had me on my way in minutes.  I will never forget you guys!

The salad bar was incredible and
my best bud Nikki was in town form Cali and we searched every where for
a good, cheap salad bar.

I like your pizza it is so good
I could eat it every day!

1st stop upon arrival in Boise!!!
Yeah!  Great food and fabulous homey-fun atmosphere!!!

Excellent music!!  Plus,
quiet room or choice of TV room equipped with personal remote control –
well, depending if you are both a diplomat and convincing!  Oh, and
one of the best art galleries I’ve been too lately.  P.s. great napkins
for note taking!!

The sun shines in Boise!
Though not as brightly as the flying Pie sign!  Definitely worth the
8½ hour drive from Corvallis, OR (OSU)!  See you again sometime
this summer!  Jessie, Torgy and Smokey Mike.

Great place!  Great people!
I’m sorry I moved back to California

Free Bread Sticks!!!  Awesome
Pizza!!! Great Atmosphere!!!

Delicious – as always!  Pay
day = pizza day @ Flying Pie!  (Our kids know that pay day is every
other Friday)

Pie always makes us happy – even
though we’re sad that our friends are moving away!

Way too much fun getting to step
behind the scenes and nake my own.  I must say it was awesome!!
Way better than any other Cinco de Mayo meal/celabration!

$10 – UNHEARD OF!  Your Gourmet Night is great!  The Kids love
it, keep the pepperoni coming!  I love your veggie pies!
People will start appearing out of the woodwork just to try your pizza!

Thank you so much for the opportunity
to see how the pizza is made.  It was my son Corbin’s day to make
pizza (he’s 8).  He didn’t believe that his name was on the board.


He was excited to make his own.

Everything is so wonderful!
We have never eaten in and it is just as wonderful as having it delivered.
Thank you for making the best pizza ever!!

My name actually came up for a
free pizza day!  What a pleasant surprise!  Good pizza, too!
Thanks, you’re on my list of places I gotta’ take all my friends to when
they come to visit.  Thanks.

My son Nicholas had a surprise
16th birthday party here a couple of weeks ago.  He was truly surprised
and later said it was the best birthday he ever had.  He said EVERYONE
had such a good time!  Thanks.

Wow!  Flying Pie Pizza is
great to go to after a long day of the mall!  Very relaxed, and I
love the fact that you have a great choice of vegetarian pizzas!

The atmosphere, the music, the
cool employees.  And most of all, I LOVE THE PIZZA!!!  It’s only
my first time and I’m converted!  Could you by chance build one of
these joints in Price, Utah?

I like to play!  I like to
go to school!  I to do thags with my dad!

Your pizza is great!  It’s
dilishas!  You are verry nice!  Tusdays are like the best!
I hope you gise ceep your pizza this good!  This playes is so good
I wount comeplayn, ever!

As Mr. Shakespeare wrote, “How
do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.”

1)Contest Combo  2)Phosgo
Supreme 3)Denver Pie  4)No Vegy Pieway  5)Beer  6)Beer
7)Really Good Beer  8) Did I mention the pies?

Pizza is good.  Being able
to try hefe without buying was awesome!  By the way, fat tire, great
beer!  Or I should say ale.  First time here, but I gotta bring
the wife back!  By the way, thanks for the antennae ball!

The dessert pizza was superb!!!
The staff was great, fun, entertaining, and helpful!  The pizza –
excellent!  I came her from Minnesota on business, but had to make
sure that I got pizza from your establishment!  Your people, your
people are great!!!

A great place to bring the slumber
party kids!

Good pizza, good people, good
games, and a great price!  Delicious!

We live in SE Boise and were heading
out for errands.  My daughter said she was hungry and asked “What’s
for lunch?”  I smiled and said “let’s go to Flying Pie!”  You
should have seen her face light up!  We had the lunch special, Mesquite
Chicken.  Oh man, is that good!  The sauce is sweet and tangy
– perfect!  And a perfect combo on top.  Thanks for making it
easy to treat over spring break!  Great staff, cool music, awesome

The delicious pizza made this
mild-mannered fellow raise an eyebrow.  Great stuff!  Great stuff!

Veggie pizza with asparagus and
lots of whole roasted garlic!  Gourmet night with bluegrass music!

When I came in to get my pizza
they told me it would be ready soon.  Then about 5-10 minutes later
they came and told me that they lost my ticket and it would be about fifteen
minutes.  They returned my money and gave my boyfriend and I free
soda, and breadsticks!  You don’t see that great of customer service
they were very polite and friendly.  Thank you!  You guys are

So delicious!  No pizza is
like yours in Boston, where I’m from.  The crust is soooo perfect,
crispy, and not greasy!  The toppings are super fresh and always compliment
each other!  So Yummy!

Our granddaughter is six weeks
old and this is her second trip to The Pie.  She loves the lights
and the music.  We love the pizza and beer… and our new baby girl.
We’ll be back again and again!

Fans of Iowa State University
came and had a great time!  Good food and good beer!  What a
great combination!  You guys really know how to run a pizzaria!

My mother came to visit from So.
Cal., she’s been out of the area since 1979 and one of the first things
she asked as we drove from the airport was, “Is Flying Pie still around?”
Pizza such as this – mmm – the memories last a lifetime!

I love that you can make your
own pizza.  I can’t wait to see my name on the board.  I love
your pizza!!!

We used to live about six blocks
away and were Frequent Flyers.  We have since moved to Emmett.
It’s probably been a couple of years since we were here.  The pizza
is still the best in Boise and the staff always friendly.

Good pizza, good beer (must go
together)!  Right on music and surroundings!  Great service and
people!  Glad I found it – hard to find in my state.

This pizza is tremendous!


The best pie I have ever had!  The beer selection is great!
This looks like such a great place to work! Everyone is having so much

It’s been too long since I’ve
been to The Pie.  Everything was awesome (as usual)!  Keep up
the good work.  After all, think about it, you guys are Boise history,
we love you.

We asked for a million bucks and
we GOT IT!  This place rocks!

I live in Illinois, and am contemplating
a move to Boise.  I asked a friend of mine if Boise had any good pizza
places, and he told me The Flying Pie was the best.  I just was poking
around on the Internet and found your site.  By the looks of the pizza,
especially the Mesquite Chicken, I may have just made up my mind to move
to Boise, over Arizona, based on what I saw.  Can you believe that?
All I want for Christmas is a Mesquite Chicken pizza from The Flying Pie.
If/When I get there… The first meal I’m having is a Big Ol’ Mesquite
Chicken Pizza from The Flying Pie.

The Tuesday night all-you-can-eat
thing is super, super, super, super cool!  It helps that the pizza
tastes great, too.  Long live pepperoni!

Pizza, beer, FUN employees.
Innovative spirit from all Flying Pie customers!

It’s been too long since I’ve
been to The Pie.  Everything was awesome (as usual)!  Keep up
the good work.  After all, think about it, you guys are Boise history,
we love you.

The front counter lady was one
of the coolest people I have ever seen on a cash register.  I have
18 years of banking experience.  The barkeeper lady was even better.


Bodacious!  I grew up here and moved away 25 years ago.  I am
glad you are still here!

The cheese is quite good, but
the sauce deserves a 21 gun salute!

The service, the food, the games,
the price. To narrow it down, everything is good!

The weird people are cool!
Especially the bartender!  It’s kind of a homey place and makes one
relax.  Plus, there are different things to do, like challenge your
mind by filling out these reports!  I’m totally happy!

I am eight months pregnant.
Very hard to please me.  This  actually worked (lucky for my
husband), thank you!

Triple Pie beer:  I’ve been
in town for a week, and this is the first place that my request for a local
beer was met with something other than “we just got rid of it.” The pizza
– obviously!

The kids and atmosphere! Feels
like a really welcoming place!

I love it here and I bring all
of my guest here to experience only the best!  Montana State University
loves Flying Pie!

Flying Pie has turned me into
a beer snob!  You have taken my taste buds to many exotic and sometimes
unpronounceable locations.  I think my tongue qualifies for frequent
flyer miles!  Today’s adventure was Triple Pie Ale!  My friends
no longer invite me over to drink their cheap ass, mass market, [expletive
deleted] beer!

Great setting

Good wine by the glass

Lots of toppings

Excellent fresh pesto
Friendly staff!

We had to remember the name or
location of this great pizza place we visited last year.  It’s all
still great!  Thanks for being here another year!

Thanks for the free beer sampler!
It was dee-lish – especially the darker stuff (loved the porter)!
The Stromboli was excellent as always, too!  Your service is the friendliest
around, and consistently so!

Well, I have said it a million
times and I’ll say it again “excellent” pizza and more than pleasant staff.


Laid back environment creates the mood.

The fact I used to eat here 22
years ago after football games.  Today I brought my husband &
children.  The pizza is still just as “groovy”!

The best pizza in the world has
a homemade taste and cheesy cheese like you find here!!!

The wedding is done and went off
with only one hitch (us).  Thanks so much for being our first dinner
as Mr. and Mrs. Gurr.  We laughed, we cried, we had pizza by Flying
Pie!  The chef and his wife know where the good stuff is.

We came her the day after we got
married just to have our first married meal a par-bake Flying Pie.
Thank you for such tasty, gooey, goodness.

Mmm, mmm, good!  A friend
spared one piece of their pizza at home and I was hooked!  So I had
to come in and savor a whole pizza!!

Tuesday Gourmet Nights are absolutely
our favorite night out on the town. We get to try all kinds of different
pizzas and get all we want.  We especially like, I mean Love, the
Samoan and the Mesquite Chicken when they come around. We also love the
wonderful people there. The Flying Pie is a magnet for a special group
of people, walking to a different drummer but not too off beat. A more
pleasant bunch is hard to find elsewhere, and this goes for the wonderful
staff also. They actively create ways to serve. This is unique a admirable.

You just made a dad really happy.
The picture of the smiling person was me. And now that smile is even bigger.
Wow, Megan’s art work is now on display at the Pie! I am more excited than
Steve Martin in the “Jerk” when he saw his name in the phone book. Megan
and I love eating your delicious pies and dipping bread sticks in sauce.
Most of all we love having fun coloring and watching the flying-piers spin
the dough. We even talk about some day she might get a job at Flying Pie
just to spin the dough!  Thanks a bunch for being the best pizza place
in Idaho.

your eclectic and satisfying choices.  The FREE BREADSTICKS are the
bomb and a prefect way to keep the hunger pains away while awaiting our
custom choice pizza.  You guys are the Zen of pizza restaurants, I
love ya man!

The extensive choices of meatless

I can afford to eat here!

Yah, artichokes!

You have the same plants I do
in my house!  It’s like eating at home only cooler, cleaner, and easier.

Man, that habanero pizza is so
good!!!  It hurts so good!  You guys are great, the people are
cool, and the pizza is the best!!!

Quicker than a turtle… & twice
as tasty!

My three year old liked watching
the cook toss the dough.  She offered to let him try it!  After
getting an apron, washing his hands, and putting flour on his face, she
said he was ready.  He rolled and tossed dough for 20 minutes.
It was the best time he’s had eating out!  Thanks Flying Pie!

The pizza was wonderful and the
service was spectacular!  We really appreciate all the extra help
with ordering and bottle warming!  We thought you’d run away when
we came in with 10 adults and 7 kids!

Everything!!!  The pizza
dough and crust are excellent!  The atmosphere is unique, and above
all else, the service is wonderful!  We’ll definitely be back!

This marks something like the
20th time in a row that I’ve saddled up for the Chili-n-Lime Pie!
Sweet mother of God that’s a good pizza!

Eric and Megan helped as my wife
made our pizza.  They are fun people and seem to enjoy what they do.
How good it is to see pleasant people at your establishment.  Thank

The Fabulous Five Pack.
Wow, choose five pizzas and tons of leftovers for breakfast!

My husband and I have driven by
this restaurant for three years and never stopped until today.  This
is the best pizza I have ever had in my life.  Tons of toppings and
very little crust that’s the best!  We will be back!

I’ve never been so happy to be
a Jamie!  Making my own pizza ruled. Your staff is the best!
Thank you!

Nice people, wonderful pizza!
My three kids love it!  My husband loves it!  No dirty dishes!

When we come to Flying Pie we
always order too much.  Enabling us to eat Flying Pie  for breakfast,
lunch and dinner three days straight.

When I moved to Boise in 1979
Flying Pie was the place to go to for pizza.  Twenty-three years later
and guess what?  Flying Pie is still heads and shoulders above the
others.  As memorable as the fantastic pizzas, are the very committed
and helpful people!  Thanks for another great experience.

The food is great and the service
was superb.  What a great place to eat and relax.  All the employees
are very friendly and accommodating.  This

is a rarity in this day and age.

Music – Three tunes by Blue Rodeo

Food – Great salad bar and even
better pizza, crisp, free, breadsticks, bottomless sodas

As close to Heaven as it gets.

I loved the pinball, car racing,
the chili poster, “talk back to Flying Pie cards, drinks, pizza, open oven,
pizza, bottomless drinks, pizza, people making the pizza crust.  Did
I mention the pizza???  Ha!

After an awful afternoon/evening
of the Boise River Festival, I was relieved to find out that Mom had planned
to come to the Flying Pie Pizzaria!  Oh, the pizza was exceptionally

1) The crew

2) The products

a. Pizza

b. Beer

3) Visitors!

a. We got
to see Jim and Violetta

4) You

a. You who
increased our quality of life

We all agree you rock!  Al
thought East Coast pizza couldn’t be beat, until he tried yours!
You’ve taken Matt’s favorite food to an art form!  We always leave
feeling better mentally, physically, and spiritually!  We love you

Pesto Primavera was ridiculous.
Loved how good it smelled inside – not like the industry and processing
plants we passed driving out from Maryland on our way to Seattle.

Paras pizza talla mantereela!
Best pizza on this continent!

Ode to a pizza:

I think that I will never chew

A pizza lovelier than you.

Your cheese, you crust, you lovely

Makes me crinkle up my eyes!

The thin crust, garlic covered
cheese with any topping I like is like heaven!  And the service is
fast but good, no…GREAT!

The best pizza joints I’ve ever
been to in several U.S. states are always a local establishment you hear
about strictly by word of mouth. Flying Pie is that for Idaho.  I’m
proud you represent our beautiful Idaho.  Thanks for the free bread
sticks.  I wasn’t expecting that treat!

Thank you for having the “It’s
Your Day” to make a pizza.  Me and Jake had a great time!

Every darn thing!  The names
on the board are XTRA fun!  Thanks for showing us how to make such
fine pizza pie!  It’s the best!  Special thanks to Rebecca, you’re

This was our first time here.
The service was great!  The pizza was hot!  And we thought it
was wonderful that we got FREE BREAD STICKS AND SAUCE and that the salad
tasted fresh even thought it was 3:00 in the afternoon!!

Oh my gawd!  How can I pick
this place up and haul it behind the truck to Eugene?  Guess from
now on my pizza delivery will have to include dry ice and overnight delivery!

I am too full – I have worked
at many pizza joints and tried many different pizzas.  This is my
first of many future visits!  The ingredients and service is second
to none.

A very Berkeley-esque, funky place
with FABULOUS pizza!  We’re visiting from L.A. and your restaurant
is a True Find!  Keep up the friendliness and the good food.

The pizza was delicious as always!
How come we didn’t know about these Tuesday specials earlier?  Think
of all that pizza we could have been eating!

You have done it again!
You’ve put together a new team that has began to work together and make
“great” pizza.  We’ve also notice that you have a great team out front.
Your new girl, Rebecca, made our night very enjoyable!  The good thing
about being around so long is we’ve seen the good and the better!

The pizza was gorgeous!
The most beautimous!  Seriously, Cory, Aery, and David mad one lovely
pizza throwing oven! 1st one I’ve had.  I’ve eaten enough, had a beer,
now it’s time to go to sleep!

Flying Pie has quickly turned
out to be our family’s “Saturday night out!”  We love everything –
especially the FREE BREAD STICKS & the best cheese pizza ever!
Even the mints are outstanding!!

Bread sticks (complimentary),
nice!  I was very surprised, not being from Boise and never having
nor even knowing about this pizza.  It was awesome!  There’s
a first time for everything.  Thanks, and yes, I will be back!

Yay!  What a great thing
to be able to drive only 500 miles for the best birthday dinner ever!

Flying Pie Pizza has a terrific
atmosphere, with the absolute in pizza.  The FREE BREAD STICKS are
sooo great!  They have the sweetest smell of

safety and comfort with a soft
satisfying bite!  Thank you!  I don’t want to leave!

Wow! Flying Pie Pizza is Amazing!
I sure wouldn’t go to any other pizza joint!  You can get twice the
deal here and food quality!

Wow!  I thought they were
exaggerating!  Best breadsticks I ever had!  And the Pizza, Wow!

Great service, great food, I’m
not sure what took me so long to come in.  But it won’t be too long
between my next visit.  And I’m looking forward to trying your other
vegie varieties of pizzas.  Thanks!

Free breadsticks, low prices,
cool name, and made me eat piece after piece after piece.  And free

The food was great and the staff
was excellent!  I was sooo impressed with the quality of the product
and the friendly service.  Thank you for a great experience.

I made my husband drive me up
here from St. George, Utah just so I could have a Phosgo Supreme!
I’m seven months pregnant and crave Flying Pie every day!  I’m even
going to have my friend send me a pizza while I’m giving birth! You guys
are the best! Keep it up.

I’m really impressed with your
personality and customer service.  Not to mention the food, which
speaks for itself.

This is the best pizza ever!
It has quickly become a family tradition!  I look forward to eating
more and more pizza!  Love the buffet.

Wow!!!  This is wonderful!!!
We love to come to Flying Pie Pizzaria!  Your Garlic Chicken is to
die for!  My Husband and I live in Emmett about 30 miles away.
It is worth the drive!

Gourmet night, Wow!  Your
employees really rock every time we are here, they’re awesome!  Great
pizza’s! Really enjoy the web site.

Once again… Thank you, thank you,
thank you!  Wonderful pizza (understatement) Fantastic bread sticks
and absolutely awesome wait people!  We’ve been coming here for years
and we’ll be back next Tuesday!

I love your gourmet night!
I enjoy being able to come and eat a piece of pizza that has variety.
I can eat as much pizza as I like.  Who ever invented gourmet night
was a genius!

A harried mom thanks you for being
a kid friendly place! Thanks!

I came for the 1st time had a
pizza – had to come back four days later for the same pizza.  I craved
it so much!!!  Absolutely the best… I can’t wait to try the other
pizza’s but I cant get past how much I love this one yet!

We’re from Nampa and whenever
my Husband would suggest Flying Pie I would say “ na, that’s too far.
Pizza is pizza.”  O.k. I admit it – I was wrong!  Pizza is not
pizza!  Flying Pie is fantastic – never change.  We’ll be back
with friends and family!

Great staff!  Friendly service!
The pizza was a shock to the system.  I’m so used to unimaginative
American food that this was like an exotic adventure.  The pizza was
like great art!  Thanks for the experience!

The bread sticks, oh, man!
Awesome!  A lot of places have ones that taste like dough.  The
pizza, it smells delicious.  It is!  It’s the best!  The
crust is crispy just like I like it.  The games are awesome!
I don’t think there is any more I could ask for in a pizza place!

My Pie guys… my pizza pie that
is.  Quoting the great man, john shaft, you fine guys and gals always
deliver ten times out of ten (can you dig it?)!  Without fail, Flying
Pie once again delivered a great pizza and a great time that topped off
a perfect Friday!

Good pizza.  I’m come from
South Korea!  I’m proud myself because before go back Korea I could
taste this pizza!

All the choices… it all looks
and sounds so good! And tastes even better!  Good, swift, friendly
service, too.  Good prices for the broke college student’s pizza diet!

We tried five different yummy
pizzas and the staff was very helpful with free bread sticks, lots of smiles
and plenty of humor!  I want to live here!

Great music!  Awesome pizza!
Attentive staff!  If they don’t have Flying Pie in Heaven I’m not

Good place for family dinner.
The kids had fun and the not so grown up grown ups had a good time, too.
Great pizza pie, thanks!

The pizza is Wonderful! The staff
is fabulous!  The Atmosphere is cosmic! The beer is the best!
Music, awesome!  Overall great!

And I thought I had to go to Chicago
for a good pizza!

Flying Pie is like the Ben &
Jerry’s of Idaho.  My family has been coming to Flying Pie since I
was two years old.  I am now 23 and my loyalty has never shifted!


I’ve told people in all the western states about you and take everyone
who visits to eat Flying Pie!  My family is a Flying Pie family and
nothing else will do!  It’s a whole culture!

It’s not just about the pizza,
though it is the best I’ve ever had!  It’s about the attitude of the
entire place!

Best pizza in town or anywhere
else for that matter!  Best beer around, for anyone who enjoys an
excellent German beer!  This is the best pizza and beer in the country!
I dare anyone to compare!

Ingredient choices and quality
make building a pizza not only fun but a delicious night out.  Extras
are:  The nice choice of beverages, the music, and the obvious enjoyment
of the pizza/music makers!

The awesome pizza (of course)!
The friendly service and great atmosphere!  Also, Cool website!
Best place to have a birthday party, celebrate a triumph in the big game,
or just hang out with my friends!

Let me just say two things: 1)
You all Rock!  2)  Flying Pie is the main reason I live in Boise!


Where else can you get awesome pie, fantastic people, and the best drinks
in town?  I love ya all!

Everything is great!  Our
pizza experience here is like none other.  The people are all great,
keep up the great work!

Best damn pizza I’ve ever had!
You guys have the five-star, top-notch, best service in the biz!
Great music, great beer, awesome kicked-back environment!

I love your food, but what I really
need to know is… how do you get so many caring people to work in the same
place?  (I mean it, I really want to know!)

I like the staff, I like the video
games, I like the tables, I like the TV., I like the plates, I like the
smiles the staff brings every time I come in!  Oh, yeah, I like the

The pizza, and everyone was happy
and nice so close to closing time.

Excellence in customer service,
helpful, friendly staff, the pizza dazzles the senses, a scintillation
taste sensation!  In other words, we loved it!

Came in 01/07/02 on “Ray” gets
to make a pizza day.  I was treated like a king by Micah and Cory!
The whole experience is still hard to believe!  Had a great time and
will bring back the whole clan.  Thank you!

The food was great and the staff
was excellent!  I was sooo impressed with the quality of the product
and the friendly service.  Thank you for a great experience!

Good atmosphere, great pizza,
good beer, reasonable prices for the best pizza in town!

Staff, dough, staff, topping,
staff, music, staff!  Basically everyone is friendly here which makes
dining in or taking out a pleasant experience!  I love your pizza!

We are, as always, purr-fectly
satisfied customers!  No one does it better than the gang at Flying
Pie.  The Stromboli was yummy, the beer was cold, and the music was
groovy!  We’ll be back!  (We have four offspring that won’t eat
pizza anywhere else!)

We recently moved here from Nebraska
and were hoping to find a favorite pizza hangout.  Guess what?
We found one!  Great Pizza!  Great Beer!  Great Service!

I’ve been here a gazillion and
one times, so even before my pizza comes I know it’s delicious!  After
it comes, I know I’ll be smiling from ear to ear!

I used to live in Boise 20 years
ago and the family loved your pizzas!  Since then, we have always
measured a pizza by how it compared to Flying Pie!  None Did!!!


As soon as I came back to Boise I had to come to the Flying Pie, It can’t
be beat anywhere!

I love it here!  The pizza
is wonderful and the staff is cool!  This where my husband and I come
to wind down and get away from it all.

As always, excellent food, excellent
service, and good music!  We’ve been coming here since high school
and have NEVER been disappointed!  Now our kiddos love it too!

This is the first time I have
had the opportunity to experience Flying Pie… and it was AWESOME!


We ordered pizza for an office celebration and EVERYONE said the ONLY place
to get a pie was Flying Pie!  Boy, were they right!  We ordered
six pies anticipating that there would be enough left for some snacking
or even lunch tomorrow… not a chance!  The crew descended on the boxes
like a horde of locusts and it was gone!  Thank you for a great pie!

Flying Pie has the best beer selection
that matches the yummiest pizza!  The employees are like family since
we see them weekly.  Forrest knows his beer! Rachael couldn’t be friendlier!
Andy, Becky, and Dick make the place homey!  We’ll keep coming back!
Again, again, and again!

I’ve been coming here since before
I can remember.  Now that I’m a vegetarian it’s even better ‘cause
you guys have the best meatless selection!  Please, please, please
don’t ever change.  My dog even prefers Flying Pie to all other pizzas!

You have the most delicious crust!
Your sauce and topping are unparallel!  There’s a good reason that
you’re voted the best pizza of Boise – you are!

You’re always guaranteed great
food, service, and music when you come to the Pie!  Does it get any
better than that???

Wow!  I have never been so
pleased with a pizza place in my whole life!  I mean, wow!  It’s
really something else when people you don’t know feel like family and the
pizza feels like your dog, warm and satisfying!

Love the way your establishment
is set up!  It’s got something for everyone!  Your breadsticks,
that we got for free, were AWESOME!!!  The pizza was really, really,
really, good!  You guys rock!  I had never been here but I am
surely coming back!




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