Anyone For Some Processed Pork Roll?

A careful perusal of the average pizza restaurant menu never reveals “Processed Pork Roll” listed as a topping choice. However, a tour of their walk-in refrigerator would reveal box upon box labeled thusly. What in the world do they do with all that Pork Roll?

Well, it’s pretty simple; they sell it as Canadian bacon. At Flying Pie, however, we use actual Canadian bacon (yes, Virginia, such a topping does exist). The difference between Canadian bacon and Processed Pork Roll is roughly the difference between the Grand Canyon and Seaman’s Gulch.

According to Dave Rons (of the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture) and Rene Schoop (Owner of Meridian Meats), the definition of Canadian bacon contains 4 words: “Whole Smoked Pork Loin.” Please note that this 4-word definition contains no mention of other cuts of pork, nor does it reference additional processing, massaging, or injecting.

Of the whole smoked pork loin, Rene warned us it is pricey but, “if you can find a way to swing it, it’s the best in the world.”

WOW! With “…the best in the world” ringing in our ears, we studied the issue from practical, financial, and emotional angles, before deciding, “Aw, the heck with it—let’s do it.”

You know how fake crab is spelled with a ‘k’? Once you taste real Canadian bacon, you’ll surely feel, as we do, that what other people are selling oughta be called kanadian bacon with a ‘k’, just like krab, with a ‘k’.