Looking for a Quick & Tasty Boise Lunch?

Lunch at Flying Pie is full of choices. If you’ve got 30 minutes, order what we’re most famous for: any one of our 18 different specialty pizzas, each our own recipe. Within minutes you will be enjoying a cold beverage and complimentary breadsticks; before you know it, we’ll bring out your award-winning pizza and then stand back and let you devour.

If you’ve just got a couple of minutes, we have our Gourmet Lunch Buffet for you to satiate your Flying Pie craving. For only $3.50 you can get 3 slices of our Whirled Famous Specialty Pizzas and if you are on the go, we will give you a box for safe traveling. For those of you who have a heartier appetite, you can enjoy All-you-can-enjoy slices for only $6.25. Finally for the low price of $7.50 you can get your fill of unlimited slices, breadsticks and our amazingly fresh salad bar!! Zowie!

Lunch Buffet is available Monday through Friday at all 3 Flying Pie locations, from 11:30am until 2pm.

Menus are different each day!
*Pepperoni and Samoan are always available!
*Garlic Chicken, Mesquite Chicken and Chili-N-Lime Chicken on any given day!
*Vegetarian options, including some Gourmet Night favorites!
*Other popular favorites featured throughout the week, visit us for lunch today!