We recently surveyed our customers to discover what the 10 best deals at Flying Pie Pizzaria are – the results are a pretty good snapshot of what makes us World Famous.

1) Fabulous Five Packs – When you buy five, save a couple bucks on each pizza! You can get all five at once or get them over multiple visits. Of course there are a couple of catches, but not the kind you can’t live with.

2) Free Breadsticks and free pop refills in-store.

3) Gourmet Night – an extravaganza of epic proportions.

4) Our rock solid Guarantee– not just the food, we guarantee your satisfaction, period.  It is even carved in stone.

5) Free sample of a beer or wine, before you order it – another amazing facet of our guarantee.

6) “It’s your Day” program – a free 10” pizza & you get to make it, with help from our experts!

7) 18 specialty pizzas, 40 toppings, 3 doughs, 8 sauces, 7 Cheeses.

The Choice is yours – Get the Dough you want, the thickness you want (thin or thick), the cheeses you want, the sauce you want, and choose from about 40 different toppings that all have one thing in common – they were each chosen, by us, to be the absolute best we could offer.

8 ) Pecorino Romano cheese
– made in Italy, from sheep’s milk (how would you like that job?!?), and brought in just to amaze you.

9) Repeatably Excellent Pizza
The fact that to get two great pizzas, you only have to buy two pizzas, where at other places where only one in ten is super great, you would have to buy twenty to get two great ones, and you’d have to taste some of the other eighteen!
10) If you draw a great comment card face, we might put it up on the wall, or feature it on our web site for a week, or use it in our upcoming menu’zine!

11) A place where the employees all seem to be having fun at work, for the very good reason that we encourage them to focus on amazing results rather than simply focus on effort.



Free PDF download! Coloring pages made from customer’s comment card drawings.
FP coloring pages A
FP coloring pages B
FP coloring pages C